Latest hearing loss Stories

2012-05-10 13:58:03

Research into hearing loss after exposure to loud noises could lead to the first drug treatments to prevent the development of tinnitus Researchers in the University of Leicester's Department of Cell Physiology and Pharmacology have identified a cellular mechanism that could underlie the development of tinnitus following exposure to loud noises. The discovery could lead to novel tinnitus treatments, and investigations into potential drugs to prevent tinnitus are currently underway....

2012-03-20 23:00:12

New website for House of Hearing Audiology Clinic designed to educate patients on hearing loss and treatments. Interactive video teaches patients all they need to know prior to their first visit to the audiologist. Boise, ID (PRWEB) March 20, 2012 House of Hearing Audiology Clinic has developed a new website http://www.houseofhearingclinic.com designed to educate patients prior to setting an appointment in the office. Matt Murphy is the owner of House of Hearing, a family owned practice...

2012-03-16 23:02:41

Clark Audiology and BHI are urging all Americans to take the Diabetes Risk Test and to get their hearing screened on American Diabetes Association Alert Day®, which falls on March 27th this year.Hearing loss is nearly twice as common in adults with diabetes, according to a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Yet hearing screenings are often not part of the regular regimen of care that people with diabetes receive. Clark Audiology is providing free hearing screenings during...

2012-03-02 05:54:31

(Ivanhoe Newswire)-- Maybe you've tripped over a rock or slipped on a wet surface, we've all fallen but did you know that now hearing loss may be what is causing those falls? By discovering the link between hearing loss and falls, researchers could develop new ways to prevent falls, especially in the elderly, as well as the injuries that are caused by falling. Not only will preventing these injuries save the pain associated with them but they could also save billions in health care costs...

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