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The Physics Of Rainbows
2011-12-07 09:16:54

[ Video 1 ] | [ Video 2 ] | [ Video 3 ] Computer scientists at UC San Diego, who set out to simulate all rainbows found in nature, wound up answering  questions about the physics of rainbows as well. The scientists recreated a wide variety of rainbows — primary rainbows, secondary rainbows, redbows that form at sunset and cloudbows that form on foggy days — by using an improved method for simulating how light interacts with water drops of various shapes and sizes. Their...

2005-07-28 15:11:25

San Diego, CA, July 28, 2005  -- Computer-graphics researchers from the Jacobs School of Engineering will be out in force at SIGGRAPH 2005. The leading annual conference and expo about computer graphics and interactive techniques takes place July 31 to August 4 at the L.A. Convention Center. This year's event will attract a broad array of attendees, including faculty and student researchers from UCSD, Calit2 and other universities, as well as industry leaders and film-makers. Only 98...

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  • A small crescent-shaped structure or marking, especially the white area at the base of a fingernail that resembles a half-moon.
This word is a diminutive of the Latin 'luna,' moon.