Latest Heroin Stories

2013-08-29 23:31:32

Intake Counselors at Narconon Freedom Center report enrollees seeking help with heroin addiction are younger than previous years. Albion, MI (PRWEB) August 29,

2013-08-29 23:25:42

According to a recent government report, prescription drug abusers are much more likely to start taking heroin.

2013-08-23 23:19:03

In cities and towns throughout Vermont, heroin use is rising at a very high rate.

2013-08-23 23:02:49

Linkage Between Heroin and Prescription Medications Reveals Opiate Addiction Epidemic: Failures of Traditional Rehab Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 23, 2013

2013-08-22 23:27:15

Narconon Freedom Center Michigan completed Intake Counselor Office renovations last week expanding their capacity to help people struggling with addiction. Albion,

2013-08-21 23:24:11

There has been an overwhelming increase in heroin use in the United States as users seek the drug because it's cheap and readily available compared to prescriptions.

2013-08-20 23:24:43

A Russian surgeon, who was high on drugs, stole heroin he removed from a man's stomach.

2013-08-16 23:19:27

An important new report states that there is a lack of available treatment for heroin and prescription drug abuse.

2013-08-13 23:28:06

A new video by Best Drug Rehabilitation treatment centers is highlighting heroin statistics that even seasoned addiction counsellors and other experts who work in the field are calling chilling.