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Diablito Oophaga Sylvatica
2014-11-18 13:51:52

The Diablito, Oophaga Sylvatica, is a species of frog belonging to the Dendrobatidae family. It’s located in Colombia and Ecuador. The natural habitat is tropical and subtropical moist lowland forests. It’s threatened by habitat loss. It is listed as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List although this species is still relatively widely distributed. It has declined seriously within Ecuador...

Wood Frog Rana sylvatica
2014-11-18 13:48:48

The Wood Frog (Rana sylvatica) has a broad distribution over North America, stretching from the southern Appalachians to the boreal forest with several notable disjunct populations including lowland eastern North Carolina. This frog has garnered attention by biologist over the last century due to its freeze tolerance, relatively great degree of terrestrialism, interesting habitat associations,...

Common Frog Rana temporaria
2014-11-18 12:09:00

The Common Frog (Rana temporaria), known also as the European Common Frog or the European Common Brown Frog, is located throughout much of Europe as far north as well north of the Arctic Circle in Scandinavia and as far east as the Urals, except for the majority of Iberia, southern Italy, and the southern Balkans. The farthest west it can be found is Ireland, where it has long been considered...

Pickerel Frog Rana palustris
2014-11-18 11:25:03

The Pickerel Frog (Rana palustris) is a North American frog of small size, characterized by the appearance of seemingly “hand-drawn” squares on its dorsal surface. These rectangular spots of the pickerel frog may blend together to create a long rectangle along the back. All Leopard Frogs have circular shaped spots. Additionally, pickerel frogs have prominent dorsolateral ridges that are...

Columbia Spotted Frog Rana luteiventris
2014-11-05 12:27:54

The Columbia Spotted Frog (Rana luteiventris) is a North American species of frog. It’s green to brown in coloration with spots on the dorsal surface. The belly and the upper lip are white. Individuals can be distinguished from other Rana species by their shorter back legs, upturned eyes, and narrow snout. Since they spend the majority of their time within the water, they also have more...

Pig Frog Rana grylio
2014-11-05 10:41:33

The Pig Frog (Rana grylio) is a species of aquatic frog located in the Southeastern United States, from South Carolina to Texas. Some sources refer to it as the Lagoon Frog or the Southern Bullfrog. The frog is green or grey-green in color, with brown or black blotching. It has fully webbed feet, a sharply pointed nose, and a large tympana. It’s easily mistaken for a variety of other...

Greek Stream Frog Rana graeca
2014-11-05 10:39:05

The Greek Stream Frog (Rana graeca) or simply the Greek Frog, is a species of frog belonging to the Ranidae family located in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia, and possibly Turkey. It is a brown frog with a relatively short and rounded snout. The body is rather wide and flat. The pupil is horizontal and the tympanum is often hard to...

California Red-Legged Frog Rana draytonii
2014-11-04 10:42:18

The California Red-Legged Frog (Rana draytonii) is a species of frog that is now native to California. It was previously considered a subspecies of the Northern Red-Legged Frog (Rana aurora). The frog is an IUCN vulnerable species, and a federally listed threatened species of the United States. This frog can be found in California and extreme northern Baja California, northwestern Mexico. It...

Agile Frog Rana dalmatina
2014-11-04 10:08:50

The Agile Frog (Rana dalmatina) is a species of frog belonging the Ranidae family. This frog is thin and has long limbs and a pointed snout. The adult males are rarely larger than 6.5 centimeters while the females can grow up to 8 centimeters. Its ventral surface is light brown, reddish brown, or a light grayish brown with very little contrast. Dark brown colored spots in the shape of...

Asiatic Grass Frog Rana chensinensis
2014-10-29 12:37:54

The Asiatic Grass Frog (Rana chensinensis), known also as the Chinese Brown Frog, is a species of frog belonging to the Ranidae family. It can be found in China, Mongolia, possibly North Korea, and possibly Russia. Its natural habitats include temperate forests, rivers, intermittent rivers, swamps, freshwater lakes, freshwater marshes, intermittent freshwater marshes, arable land,...

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