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2014-05-16 20:20:26

The Ranchero Road bridge fire might tragically end the hopes of prosperity for residents of Hesperia, serving as a reminder of the importance of FPG, Inc.'s fire prevention. LOS ANGELES, May 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- In early May, the torch of a construction worker sparked a fire on the temporary wooden frame of a new bridge to the desert town of Hesperia north of San Bernardino. The situation led to the closing of the freeway while firefighters worked to douse the flames--and many...

2011-02-05 00:00:46

U.S. Green Building Council awards LEED Gold Certification to Hesperia Police Department and Jerry Lewis High Desert Government Center. Hesperia, CA (Vocus/PRWEB) February 03, 2011 Today, both the Hesperia Police Department and neighboring Jerry Lewis High Desert San Bernardino County Government Center received LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. The 42,000-square-foot police department and the 66,700-square-foot government center are the third and fourth buildings...

2010-09-15 07:35:00

HESPERIA, Calif., Sept. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- The use of cinnamon dates back over 4,000 years. It has a broad range of historical health applications in different cultures, and over those years some of the anecdotal uses included boosting cognitive function and memory, treating rheumatism, helping with digestion and relieving certain menstrual disorders. In addition, when added to food, it inhibits bacterial growth and food spoilage, making it a natural food preservative. A more significant...

2009-02-25 09:25:38

Most wild species are expected to colonize northwards as the climate warms, but how are they going to get there when so many landscapes are covered in wheat fields and other crops? A study published today (Wednesday 25 February 2009) shows it is possible to predict how fast a population will spread and reveals the importance of habitat conservation in helping threatened species survive environmental change Published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, the research tracks the...

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2005-08-25 11:48:50

The Skippers are a group of insects in the order Lepidoptera. They are usually counted as butterflies, but they are somewhat intermediate between the rest of the butterflies and the remaining Lepidoptera, the moths. Skippers are classified in the superfamily Hesperioidea, which includes only one family, the Hesperiidae. They differ in several important ways from the remaining butterflies, which are classified in superfamily Papilionoidea. Skippers have the antennae clubs hooked backward,...

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