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World’s First Lab-Engineered Burger Just Months Away
2012-02-20 14:13:34

A team of privately funded Dutch researchers have reached a benchmark in the science of bioengineering. Using only stem cells, they´ve managed to grow a strip of muscle tissue in a Petri dish with the aim of eventually developing techniques for the mass production of eco-friendly lab-engineered meat. By October of this year, Dr. Mark post of Maastricht University hopes to have world-renowned chef Heston Blumenthal of England´s famous Fat Duck restaurant cook-up the world´s...

2009-11-30 13:48:00

SILVER SPRING, Md., Nov. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Planet Green announced today the U.S. premiere of five new series acquired from Canada and the UK, with the goal to bring American viewers thought-provoking narratives that connect the impact of human activity to the future of our planet. Dan Russell, Vice President of Programming and Scheduling, Planet Green, made the announcement: "We have searched the globe for compelling personal journeys that inspire how we think, live, and work together to...

2009-05-28 11:13:49

Researchers have discovered that all people are capable of "hearing" shapes and sizes and perhaps even "tasting" sounds, BBC News reported. Experts say synaesthesia, the blending of sensory experiences, can influence our perception and aid us in the ability to make sense of a jumble of simultaneous sensations. People associate lower-pitched sounds with larger and more rounded shapes, according to Oxford University scientists. And now one member of that Oxford team is collaborating with chef...

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