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2008-10-05 00:00:17

Chris Moreno's favourite production over the past 32 years was when Hollywood legend Charlton Heston appeared alongside his wife Lydia in Love Letters in June 1997. The Oscar-winning actor starred in such films as The Ten Commandments, Ben-Hur, El Cid and Local Hero and was such a cinema great that many people in Lincolnshire could not believe that he was to appear at their local theatre. "That's when I realised what a real star we had," Mr Moreno told the Echo. "When we first put him on...

2008-08-31 15:00:31

By CROOT, James THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (G) Directed by Bill Boyce and Jon Stronach * Reviewed by James Croot -------------------- Using animation to bring Bible stories to a whole new generation is a great idea. Slick visuals, star-studded vocals and even catchy tunes can be employed to make plagues of locusts, burning bushes and parting seas come alive. If you want something that combines all of these, you could rent The Prince of Egypt. But whatever you do, steer clear of this unholy...

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