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2010-07-23 13:24:56

AgriLife Research creating unique winter-hardy hibiscuses With a little cross-breeding and some determination, Dr. Dariusz Malinowski, Texas AgriLife Research plant physiologist and forage agronomist in Vernon, is trying to add more colors to the world of hibiscuses. Malinowski is working on breeding winter-hardy hibiscus in what started as a hobby about four years ago, but in the last year has been added to the strategic plan of the Vernon research program. Commercialization of the flowers...

2009-12-10 17:26:44

VC provides organic, economical replacement for conventional nutrients Vermicomposting, the practice of using earthworms to turn waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer, can be an economical, organic waste management practice. During vermicomposting, earthworms and microorganisms stabilize organic waste in an aerobic, moist environment. The resulting product, called vermicompost (VC), or worm castings, provides commercial and amateur growers an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional...

2009-08-14 08:47:07

He may study grasses by profession, but Texas AgriLife Research forage agronomist Dr. Dariusz Malinowski has a passion for flowers, particularly winter hardy hibiscus.And it is that passion that has created his latest research project "“ propagating unique winter-hardy hibiscus.Malinowski said he's very much a grass and forage researcher, but this falls in line with his master's degree in horticulture."I like the hardy hibiscus and have been crossing them for four years," he said. "I...

2009-06-05 13:00:00

NEWARK, Delaware, June 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Dynamic Applications Corp. ("Dynamic" or the "Company") (OTC:DYAP) announced today that it has decided to enter the carbon credit market. This market was formed, in general, following the Kyoto Protocol, which required that signatory countries reduce their green house gases ("GHG") to set target levels. Accordingly, a carbon credit market has evolved whereas activities that are recognized as reducing GHG levels, usually through technology...

2008-08-26 06:00:00

By Linn Mills Here are some problems that are on gardeners' minds. Noisy yard: The screeching noise you hear this time of year comes from male cicadas sending out mating calls. Females lay eggs in twigs and larvae later hatch, drop and burrow into the ground, where they live a few years only to repeat the cycle. The noise will soon subside. Ripe watermelons: They are ready to eat when the melon belly becomes yellow where it touches the ground; the curly tendrils where the melon attaches to...

2008-05-14 12:00:20

CASTRIES, St. Lucia, May 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Award-winning Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort in St. Lucia continues to outpace its Caribbean competition with dramatic improvements. Twelve new luxury oceanfront Hibiscus Suites with lavish appointments recently debuted with the St. Lucia Minister of Tourism, The Honorable Allen Chastanet in attendance. The prestigious international architectural firm, Zeidler Partnership, based in Toronto, Canada, designed the new suites. Each expansive...

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2009-02-28 22:36:50

The Annual Hibiscus (Abelmoschus moschatus) also known as Bamia Moschata, Galu Gasturi, Muskdana, Musk mallow, Musk okra, Ornamental okra, Tropical jewel hibiscus, and Yorka okra, is a medicinal plant in the Malyaceae family. It is native to India. Despite being a tropical plant originally, the hibiscus is frost hardy. The seed, known as Ambrette, musk or rose mallow, has a sweet, flowery, heavy fragrance similar to that of musk. Musk mallow oil was once used as a substitute for animal...

2005-07-12 15:35:56

The Chinese hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, family Malvaceae) is an evergreen shrub indigenous to East Asia. Also known as China rose and Shoe flower, it is widely grown as an ornamental plant throughout the tropics and subtropics. The flowers are large, red, and firm, but lack any scent. Numerous cultivars, varieties, and hybrids have been created, with flower colors ranging from white through yellow and orange to scarlet and shades of pink, with both single and double sets of petals....

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