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2013-11-13 23:34:20

Garmin Forerunner 220 is the best new running innovation for women in 2013 according to the

2013-11-10 23:02:01

US Military personnel get 15% off this Sunday/Monday to celebrate Veteran's Day on military watches

2013-11-09 23:01:53

Military watches and related military products have been added to a special store department at the

2013-11-08 23:01:55

Garmin Tactix is an all new military and Special Ops GPS watch from Garmin according to the Heart Rate

2013-11-06 23:00:39

The best fitness gifts list for the 2013 Holidays includes items like the Garmin Forerunner

2013-11-05 23:03:45

Garmin Forerunner 620 is vastly superior to the new Adidas Micoach as a running watch according

2013-11-02 23:02:02

Suunto Ambit 2 is on sale for up to 25% off at the Heart Rate Watch Company but you'd better hurry

2013-10-23 23:25:37

Extended Holiday returns through January 15, 2014 is in effect at the Heart Rate Watch Company.

2013-10-22 23:01:27

Los Angeles dermatologist and creator of the innovative anti aging RejuveMD Sunscreen, Dr.

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10 Tips To A Great Summer
2012-07-16 20:56:36

With the start of summer upon us, we start thinking of things to do on the weekend and how to keep the kids busy. Here are a few things that may just help accomplish that and also to stay safe during this summer. #1 Weather is always a big player in whichever season it maybe, but the summer is a when the United States experiences some of its most severe weather such as Tornadoes and Hurricanes. The best tip for this is to be prepared. If the National Weather Service issues a watch or...

2010-11-15 19:37:34

Sunglasses are protective eyewear designed to shield the eyes from damaging or discomforting sunlight and high-energy light. They can also work as a visual aid. The ultraviolet radiation from the sun can cause several serious eye problems and many healthcare professionals recommend eye protection. However, since the 1940s sunglasses have been associated with celebrities more so than eye protection. James Ayscough experimented with tinted lenses in the mid-18th century although they were...

2010-10-21 16:58:49

The compass is a tool that helps the user navigate using the Earth's magnetic poles by using a magnetized pointer that reacts to magnetic fields. Since a compass can be used to calculate a heading it quickly improved the safety and efficiency of travel, especially ocean travel. It has only recently been replaced by Global Positioning Systems. It works by indicating the direction of the magnetic north of a planet's magnetosphere. Generally the face of a compass highlights the north, south,...

2010-09-24 16:20:41

A gas stove is a cooking device which uses natural gas, propane, butane, Liquefied petroleum gas or other flammable gas as a fuel source. Since the gas pipe network was slow to develop, the success of the gas stove on a commercial level took some time to happen. Gas stoves were invented as early as the 1820's as isolated experiments but it was not until the 1880's that manufactured stoves were sold commercially. The first stoves were large and bulky, but over time they were reduced to fit...

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