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2009-09-11 15:21:29

City officials in Louisville, Ky., have wagged a collective finger at those who wear droopy pants, passing a toothless resolution urging they quit sagging. The Louisville Metro Council voted 25-0 in favor of the anti-sagging resolution, which states people are needlessly in public exposing their undergarments and council members believe this style of dress sets a bad example for the youth of this community to view, and even worse, it may influence them to want to mimic, The (Louisville)...

2009-08-27 15:38:21

A U.S. watchdog agency announced a voluntary recall of Quicksilver girls' hoodies because their waist drawstrings pose a danger of strangling. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said about 500 Roxy Girl Very Nice Cotton Hoodies were imported from China by Quicksilver Inc.

2009-06-17 14:41:49

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a voluntary recall of Macy's Epic Threads and Greendog hooded sweatshirts due to a strangulation hazard. The drawstring or ties meant to snug up the hood could pose a strangulation risk, the commission said. Macy's Merchandising Group Inc.

2009-05-21 15:11:07

Police in Louisiana said a groom was arrested after his nephew refused to abide by the dress code of the reception hall by pulling up his saggy pants. Kenner police said the officer on detail at the Crystal Plantation during the Friday wedding reception asked Samuel Lucas, 19, to comply with the dress code -- both bride and groom had to sign a contract promising to observe the dress code before using the facility -- and pull his pants up higher, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported...

2009-05-18 04:20:00

OutOfYourLife.com Finds the Silver, Gold and Platinum Lining to Every Breakup NARBERTH, Pa., May 18 /PRNewswire/ -- You've torn up the photos, deleted the playlists, even thrown out your favorite still-smells-like-him sweatshirt.

2009-03-30 10:01:00

Seattle, Chicago, and Los Angeles Jeweler will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for Lil Wayne's gold and platinum diamond-studded crowns; Also wanted are Diddy's gold bottom front teeth and Flava Flav's 22K semi-permanent gold caps top and bottom There's a new Gold Teeth Rush sweeping the nation SEATTLE, March 30 /PRNewswire/ -- As people struggle to pay bills and put food on the table in this economic downturn, pawn shops and estate jewelry dealers are seeing an influx of those looking...

2009-03-26 12:00:59

Students at a high school in Plantation, Fla., better pull up their sagging pants or be prepared to get a belt, the school's assistant principal says. Plantation High School Assistant Principal Brougher Bass said Thursday is Pull Up Your Pants Day at the school and any students found with sagging pants will be presented with a complementary belt, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel said. We want our students to have the ability to express themselves, Bass said, but we want them to have dignity,...

2009-02-17 15:27:05

Hip hop clothes designer Russell Simmons said his new clothing line, on sale in Chicago, is geared for 25-50-year-old urban men with successful role models. Simmons said his new American Classics line is aimed at the urban graduate who identify with role models like President Barack Obama and movie

2008-09-19 00:00:07

By The Associated Press RIVIERA BEACH, Fla.

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