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Humuel Deer Population Resurges From Near Extinction
2013-04-16 13:45:31

Conservation scientists say the endangered Huemul deer, native to Patagonia, is bouncing back from the brink of extinction.

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Taruca, Hippocamelus antisensis
2012-09-10 11:57:58

The taruca (Hippocamelus antisensis), also known as the North Andean deer, can be found in Andes mountains, with a range including Bolivia and Peru, as well as northwestern Argentina and Chile. This species reaches an average height between 2.2 and 2.6 feet, with a weight between 99 and 143 pounds. The taruca is threatened by habitat loss and hunting, and is in low numbers throughout its range. It is thought that taruca only numbers as much as 17,000 individuals, with less than 10,000...

South Andean Deer, Hippocamelus bisulcus
2012-09-07 09:39:21

The South Andean deer (Hippocamelus bisulcus) is native to Chile and Argentina. Its other common names include the Chilean Guemal and Huemul. It inhabits the Andes, in mountainous areas as well as other hard to reach places, like low bluffs, upland forests, and open periglacial scrubland. Males and females may prefer different areas. The South Andean deer can be brown or grey-brown in color, with a white underbelly and white-spotted neck. Its fur is shaggy and long, giving it protection...

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