Latest Histology Stories

2010-09-22 04:59:00

BERGISCH GLADBACH, Germany, September 22, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Miltenyi Biotec announces the worldwide first and exclusive release of the Anti-GLAST (ACSA-1) MicroBead Kit.

2010-09-20 15:41:19

We run our modern lives largely by the clock, from the alarms that startle us out of our slumbers and herald each new workday to the watches and clocks that remind us when it's time for meals, after-school pick-up and the like.

2010-03-26 06:51:23

Rice researcher extracts natural scaffold for tissue growth.

2010-02-16 09:40:00

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis have peered deep into the eye of the chicken and found a masterpiece of biological design.

2010-01-22 13:55:31

The cutting edge science of how vision works and how we may be able to prevent, repair or restore lost sight in future will be explored at an international scientific meeting in Sydney next week.

2009-11-16 16:27:17

Determining what triggers the death of retinal cells, called photoreceptors, could hold the key to stopping blinding disorders caused by a wide range of eye diseases.

2009-10-01 13:16:39

A German-Hungarian medical team says it has developed a mass spectrometric ionization technique that can analyze vital tissues during surgical procedures. The researchers, led by Zoltan Takats of Justus-Liebig University in Giessen, Germany, said the technique might make it possible to distinguish between malignant tumor cells and surrounding healthy tissue in real time during cancer surgery. Until now, precise histological examination of the removed tissue has occurred after tumor surgery...

2009-09-30 07:24:24

Coupling electrosurgery with mass spectrometry for real-time identification of tumor tissues.

2009-08-27 14:50:09

Researchers led by Dr. Soheil Dadras at the Stanford University Medical Center have developed a novel methodology to extract microRNAs from cancer tissues.

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