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2014-10-31 08:24:43

When looking at hoarding you have to wonder if this was all of a sudden or a collect effect over time. MOUNT LAUREL, N.J., Oct.

Elizabethan Jewelry Rivals 21st Century Craftsmanship
2013-07-23 17:32:46

Birmingham City University researchers say Elizabethan craftsmen developed advanced manufacturing methods that could rival 21st century technology.

2013-04-19 23:03:13

Hoarding specialists at Address Our Mess encourage family and friends of hoarders to follow an initiative based on a recent news report featuring a Boston Area Senior Center’s success with compassionate

2013-04-12 23:02:21

In May, the American Psychiatric Association releases Dsm-5, officially categorizing hoarding as a psychiatric disorder.

2013-04-05 23:04:10

The trending popularity of hoarding continues to surge as more hoarders become aware that others share their debilitating condition.

Archeologists Find Neolithic Hoard
2012-11-06 19:05:06

As it turns out, humans have always been interested in the nicer things in life. Little trinkets, jewelry, pretty and interesting-looking rocks, all of these have been found in archeological digs.

2010-03-26 11:01:00

SWANSEA, Wales, March 26 /PRNewswire/ -- David Gill, archaeologist, reflects on the return of antiquities from North America that are linked to the site of Morgantina on Sicily. Since the fall of 2006, over 120 antiquities have been returned to Italy from North American collections.

2009-10-06 07:58:26

University of Connecticut professor explains how coin hoards signal population size.

2009-09-24 19:51:40

Armor and jewels believed to have been stripped from men killed in battle 1,400 years ago were declared a treasure trove Thursday by a British coroner. The ruling by South Staffordshire Coroner Andrew Haigh means the Staffordshire Hoard can be sold to a British museum, with the proceeds to be divided between the man who found the treasure and the farmer who owns the field where it was discovered, The Times of London reported. The find of 1,500 individual objects is the largest Anglo-Saxon...

2009-06-05 11:01:00

SWANSEA, Wales, June 5 /PRNewswire/ -- David Gill, archaeologist, considers the scale of looting that has taken place in parts of the Balkans since the 1990s.

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