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2009-06-25 10:21:01

In contrast to diamonds, there are innumerable combinations of types and proportions of cut, and types of facet patterns for colored gemstones.

2009-06-15 10:50:00

ANN ARBOR, Mich., June 15 /PRNewswire/ -- On Wednesday, June 10, the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, Ann Arbor, MI, will add a new piece to its collection - a coin from the Museum's penny machine that recently completed a 9,658-mile journey from a geocache in Germany back to the Museum. Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunting game where people find hidden geocaches, containers with toys and trinkets, using GPS technology.

2009-06-01 06:00:00

The worldwide contest will see three regional winners crowned the "Lords of Overclocking" SHENZHEN, China, June 1 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Huntkey announces sponsorship of a new competition for PC overclockers.

2009-03-30 04:20:00

BOSTON, March 30 /PRNewswire/ -- The guy next to you just got laid off. You're doing two jobs -- likely three by next Tuesday. No raise in sight. It's time for office hijinks to ease the pain--because we all could use a little laughter.

2008-12-29 15:50:56

Police in Urbana, Ohio, say an Internet game played like a scavenger hunt caused a bomb scare and forced the evacuation of a retail area. The bomb squad was summoned Sunday night after witnesses told police they saw a man place something under the metal base of a lamp pole, The Dayton (Ohio) Daily News

2008-12-21 14:44:02

The largest aquarium in Arizona is nearly prepared to open in Litchfield Park, thanks to a major delivery of fish and marine life, officials say. Eric Proctor, an Arizona Game and Fish Department environmental education coordinator, said the Wildlife World Zoo extension project is vital to the state, given its lack of a coastal region, The Arizona Republic reported Sunday. In Arizona it is particularly important because we don't have an ocean on our border, Proctor said. The site's 180,000...

2008-09-01 21:00:08

With Wal-Mart and Target stores in practically every American town and Internet shopping available to anyone with a computer and a credit card, it's easy to assume independent hobby stores have been driven to extinction. A few minutes inside Grayslake Hobby World will dispel that rash presumption.

2008-08-07 06:00:22

By Bina Venkataraman Fishing season has begun in northern waters, not for prize tuna or marlin, but for tropical fish small enough to fit on an angler's fingertip. Luckily, the fishermen here are seeking neither trophies nor dinner.

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2013-04-02 10:31:02

Aquascaping is the art of arranging aquatic plants along with rocks, cavework, stones, or driftwood, in an aesthetically pleasing manner within an aquarium. Aquascape designs incorporate numerous distinctive styles. Usually, an aquascape houses fish as well as plants, although it’s possible to produce an aquascape with solely plants, or with rockwork or other hardscape and no plants. Even though the main goal of aquascaping is to construct an artful underwater landscape, the technical...

2009-04-28 11:47:36

The Reverend Thomas William Webb (December 14, 1807 "“ May 19, 1885) was a British astronomer and faithful clergyman. The lone son of a clergyman, the Rev. John Webb was raised and educated by his father in absence of his mother who died in Webb's early childhood. He travelled to Oxford to attend Magdalen College. Soon after, he was ordained a minister by the Anglican Church in 1829. In 1843, he married Henrietta Montague. Mrs. Webb died on September 7, 1884. Webb followed shortly...

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