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2012-12-20 15:12:33

Half enquiries generated by UK's only native poisonous snake, the adder Snakebite injuries account for around two phone queries every week to the UK National Poisons Information Service, indicates an audit published online in Emergency Medicine Journal. Changes in data recording mean that these figures are probably an underestimate of the true numbers of snakebite injuries in the UK, suggest the authors. They audited telephone enquiries made to the Cardiff, Edinburgh, Birmingham and...

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2007-02-18 23:20:08

The Western Hognose Snake, Heterodon nasicus, is a colubrid species of snake found from southeastern Alberta and northwestern Manitoba in Canada, south to southeastern Arizona and Texas in the United States and into northern Mexico. There are smaller populations in Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas as well. It prefers short grass prairies, grasslands, and rocky, semi-arid regions. The Western Hognose is light sandy brown in color, with darker brown or gray blotching. Their color is...

2007-02-18 23:16:33

The Eastern Hognose Snake, Heterodon platirhinos, is a species of colubrid snake native to the eastern United States. It ranges from central Minnesota to southern New Hampshire, south to Florida and west to eastern Texas and western Kansas. Adults average about 28 inches in length, with females being larger than males. Their color patterns are extremely variable. They can be red, green, orange, brown, gray to black, or any combination of those colors depending on locality. Patterns can be...

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