Latest Holoprosencephaly Stories

2011-03-15 00:00:29

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) recently issued a safety warning regarding the increased risk of birth defects in babies born to mothers that took Topamax during pregnancy.

2011-03-10 13:59:36

Pregnant non-smokers who breathe in the second-hand smoke of other people are at an increased risk of delivering stillborn babies or babies with defects.

2011-03-04 07:40:00

Babies being born with some very common types of birth defects have been attributed to mothers who smoke during their first trimester of pregnancy.

2010-12-05 00:13:28

The US Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning to health care professionals and patients about the potential increased risk of birth injuries and birth defects when valproate sodium and related products (e.g. Depacon, Depakote or Stavzor) are used by mothers during pregnancy.

2010-09-22 13:07:11

Women who smoke during pregnancy run the risk of adversely affecting their children's coordination and physical control.

2010-07-06 13:53:14

A pregnant mother's diet may be able to interact with the genes her unborn child inherits and influence the type or severity of birth defect.

2009-12-22 13:00:00

A new French study suggests that baby aspirin taken for high-risk pregnancy complications does not appear to harm brain development among very premature children assessed when 5 years old, but may even have some benefit.

2009-11-06 13:46:30

University of Nevada, Reno researcher collaborates with local health community to look for answers to elevated incidence rate.

2009-11-03 14:38:26

Penicillin and several other antibacterial medications commonly taken by pregnant women do not appear to be associated with many birth defects, according to a report in the November issue of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, one of the JAMA/Archives journals.

2009-10-21 12:44:26

A new research study being published in the October 15th issue of Biological Psychiatry suggests that maternal smoking may increase the level of distress of newborns.

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