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2008-05-30 09:06:52

A new study provides the most direct evidence that there exists a causal link between smoking during pregnancy and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Clinicians have long considered prenatal cigarette smoke exposure a major contributing risk factor for SIDS, but researchers had not proved a casual relationship. Other contributing factors include disturbances of breathing and heart rate regulation and impaired arousal responses, thermal stress (primarily overheating from too high...

2008-05-21 12:10:00

Babies born preterm were more than twice as likely to have major birth defects as full-term infants, according to a new analysis of nearly seven million U.S. live births published online this week in the Springer journal Maternal and Child Health Journal. Preterm birth (live birth before 37 completed weeks gestation) is a growing national health crisis, according to the March of Dimes. More than a half million babies are born too soon each year, and the rate continues to rise. Birth defects...

2006-07-20 11:20:06

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - There seems to be a link between maternal smoking during pregnancy and behavioral problems in preschool-age children. A study published in the journal Child Development found that two-year-olds whose mothers smoked regularly while they were pregnant were significantly more likely to exhibit an abnormal pattern of behavior over time compared to age-matched toddlers who were not exposed to cigarette smoke before birth. While many toddlers exhibit mild...

2006-06-08 12:42:15

By Gene Emery BOSTON (Reuters) - A class of widely used blood pressure drugs once considered safe in the early stages of pregnancy can nearly triple the risk of birth defects, a study showed on Wednesday. The drugs, known as ACE inhibitors, were only thought to cause problems when taken after the third month of pregnancy. But the study of nearly 30,000 births logged in Tennessee's Medicaid program and published in this week's New England Journal of Medicine shows the risk exists...

2006-01-02 06:09:56

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The use of nicotine substitutes (nicotine gum, patches or inhalers) during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy appears to slightly increase the risk of birth defects, according to a large study of pregnant women and their offspring. Dr. Maria M. Morales-Suarez-Varela, from the University of Valencia in Spain, and others interviewed 76,768 women between weeks 11 and 25 of pregnancy regarding their smoking habits and use of nicotine replacement products during...

2005-09-28 12:35:00

NEW YORK -- Women who suffer certain complications during pregnancy apparently run a higher risk of having a stroke later in life, according to findings reported Tuesday at the annual meeting of the American Neurological Association in San Diego, California. Dr. Monique V. Chireau and colleagues at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina, used the university's Perinatal and Health Services Outcomes database to investigate a possible link between pregnancy complications and...

2005-08-01 05:40:00

CHICAGO -- Women who smoke during pregnancy nearly triple the risk their children will be born with attention deficit disorder, Danish researchers said on Monday. An expectant mother who smokes exposes her fetus to relatively high concentrations of nicotine, which in turn alter receptors for the brain chemical dopamine essential for brain development, said doctors from Aarhus University in Copenhagen. Writing in the journal Pediatrics, the researchers compared the backgrounds of 170...

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