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2014-04-01 08:34:59

DNA, CVSA responsible for catching criminals who had escaped justice LEWES, Del., April 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the National Association of Computer Voice Stress Analysts, two things happen when a loved one is murdered and the killer is not caught - one, there is deep sorrow, pain and suffering and 2, it never goes away. Just ask the family of Krystal Beslanowitch. DNA - Krystal was only 17 and living in Utah when she was murdered in 1995, the case went cold until,...

2014-03-03 20:21:28

Mentally Ill Man Wrongly Charged With Murder EAST LANSING, Mich., March 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- On February 24, 2014, after meeting with Mr. Lado and his family on multiple occasions, the Abood Law Firm has agreed to represent Mr. Lado on the charged offense and is working diligently to obtain a complete vindication of the charges and to allow Mr. Lado to resume his mental health counseling. On June 26, 2013, Mr. Lado was taken from his residence by police vehicle, in handcuffs, to...

2013-11-15 10:26:50

A new study of gun violence in Chicago, led by Yale sociologist Andrew Papachristos, reveals that a person's social network is a key predictor in whether an individual will become a victim of gun homicide, even more so than race, age, gender, poverty, or gang affiliation. "Risk factors like race and poverty are not the predictors they have been assumed to be," said Papachristos, "It's who you hang out with that gets you into trouble. It's tragic, but not random." The study, co-authored...

2009-01-04 16:14:37

Actor Richard Belzer says he does not think it's just novelty that his Detective John Munch character has appeared on 10 different U.S. TV series. The 64-year-old actor said his popular role has surfaced in series beyond Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and Homicide: Life on the Street because of the character's intriguing persona, the New York Post reported Sunday. People are so enamored of the character that when they see in a script, 'detective,' they think, 'let's bring Belzer in.'...

2008-08-12 06:00:38

By Paul Whitelaw ALTHOUGH terrestrial television ratings might be down across the board, people are actually watching more television than ever. It's just that they happen to be watching it in their own time, when and where they want, in a manner that was unimaginable even ten years ago. Not only are people increasingly experiencing TV on the internet or via Sky+, they're also buying far more DVD box-sets. This has dramatically altered the manner in which we absorb what is generally...

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