Latest Honesty Stories

2012-06-28 20:23:55

Not lying is regarded as a learned and well-known rule of honesty among 14 and 15-year-olds at Zurich's high schools. Additional theoretical moral knowledge also includes conventional rules of honesty such as not using unfair aids during school tests or forging parents' signatures. What might seem like a duty to live up to school expectations at face value is actually a very different story beneath the surface. After all, dishonest practices are permitted for young people in certain classroom...

2012-06-25 23:02:12

During Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio Show June 25 at 9:00AM HONESTY and CHARACTER as a dying business or political paradigm is discussed. Ken Owens, Author of "Branding Your Character" discusses this dilemma and how to re-develop character in our society. Documented incidents of flagrant dishonesty or deception are also revealed pertaining to Presidential Candidate's promises, Congressional deceptions, Bank Foreclosure Frauds, Power Nissan's Dangerous Dishonesty, Sandusky's luring of...

2009-07-13 16:59:28

A new study of the cognitive processes involved with honesty suggests that truthfulness depends more on absence of temptation than active resistance to temptation.Using neuroimaging, psychologists looked at the brain activity of people given the chance to gain money dishonestly by lying and found that honest people showed no additional neural activity when telling the truth, implying that extra cognitive processes were not necessary to choose honesty. However, those individuals who behaved...

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