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2010-04-20 14:26:28

An Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientist may have found a way to cut the amount of ammonia produced by cattle. To do it, he's using a key ingredient of the brewer's art: hops. Cattle, deer, sheep, goats and other ruminant animals depend on a slew of naturally occurring bacteria to aid digestion of grass and other fibrous plants in the first of their four stomach chambers, known as the rumen. The problem, according to ARS microbiologist Michael Flythe, comes from one group of bacteria,...

2010-02-08 10:24:12

A new study suggests that beer is a significant source of dietary silicon, a key ingredient for increasing bone mineral density. Researchers from the Department of Food Science & Technology at the University of California, Davis studied commercial beer production to determine the relationship between beer production methods and the resulting silicon content, concluding that beer is a rich source of dietary silicon. Details of this study are available in the February issue of the Journal...

2008-09-29 03:00:24

By Jacklet, Ben Midway through the frenzy of the harvest, Oregon Wheat Growers League president Kevin Porter found himself working as truck driver for the day. His job was to lead a thousand bushels or so of wheat into a 70-foot rig, haul it off to the McNary Grain Elevator by the Columbia River, return for another load, and repeat, all day long. Out in the fields, three combines were cutting 30-foot swaths of wheat nonstop oand offloading without slowing. By day's end 10 people, 10...

2008-09-05 03:00:17

SABMiller, a beverage company, has launched a new premium brand, Dreher Premium Lager, in the South African market. As part of its European expansion, SABMiller purchased the rights to the Dreher brand in 1993. Now, SAB Limited will brew Dreher Premium Lager under license in South Africa as an extension of the Dreher range of beers. This brings the total number of premium brands in the SAB to seven, and its total brand portfolio to 16. Dreher Premium Lager is a full-malt lager with a 5%...

2008-08-09 18:00:19

By BRIAN GLOVER WITH the harvest almost upon us, appreciate the complexity of the grain in this classic Belgian beer from the Bosteels family, who have been brewing in Flanders since 1791. Based on a 17th century recipe from a Carmelitemonastery, Tripel Karmeliet (8.4%) is brewed from wheat, oats and barley, Styrian Goldings hops and spices to produce a golden glowing ale. The creamy white head gives an appetising coriander aroma, followed by a surprisingly soft, dry flavour, with the zest...

2008-08-03 00:00:19

T he term "export" is familiar to many beer consumers, with many brewers choosing to name their premium brands simply Export or referring to them as Export Strength. Certainly beer has been traded across national borders since Roman times, and for some reason beer brewed in some faraway exotic location is often considered more premium than that brewed by the local brewery just down the road. Of course, as the "local brewery just down the road" we would argue robustly against this....

2007-07-29 12:15:00

In northern Colorado, a region flush with craft breweries and plenty of discerning beer drinkers, an interesting marriage of agriculture and ale-making takes place. Heavy farm equipment harvests barley a few miles from popular breweries that need it for malt, so one man's thirst for a cold brew means another man's cash crop. Northern Colorado's supply of high-quality water and easy access to barley has allowed both farmers and brewers to thrive. Most Colorado barley growers sell their crop...

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