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2008-10-06 09:00:33

Text of report by Somalia's private commercial Radio Shabeelle on 6 October [Presenter] The Transitional Federal Government of Somalia [TFG] has said that the Adan Adde International Airport [Mogadishu] is not closed to the government and that only civilian flights have been banned.

2008-10-04 15:00:15

Text of report by Somali pro-Puntland government Puntlandpost website on 4 October Shaykh Hasan Dahir Aweys who is among the officials Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia's [ARS] breakaway faction and is based in Asmara, Eritrea, has spoken out on the closure of Mogadishu airport.

2008-10-02 06:00:17

Excerpt from report by Somalia's private commercial Radio Shabeelle on 2 October [Presenter] Deputy speaker of the Somali parliament has said Somali pirates are being supported by powerful nations so that they can use them as an excuse to invade Somali waters. Bashir Qalif Gani has more details.

2008-09-26 09:00:27

Somali PM says doors open for insurgents to join peace talks MOGADISHU, Sept.

2008-09-19 15:00:35

Insurgent fighters say they killed at least six soldiers Friday in a series of armed clashes in the Somali capital of Mogadishu.

2008-09-19 12:00:24

Text of report by Somali website Somaaljecel on 18 September The Djibouti-based wing of the Alliance for Re-liberation of Somalia [ARS] has condemned the action of the Al-Shabab group forcing the closure of Mogadishu Airport.

2008-09-18 12:00:26

Text of report in English entitled "After Al-Shabab threat, secret talks to reopen Mogadishu airport are under way" published by Somali pro-Puntland government Garoweonline website on 17 September Somalia's Islamist Al-Shabab insurgent group issued a public threat earlier this week warning that Mogadishu's Adan Adde International Airport would not work after 16 September.

2008-09-18 08:45:00

Excerpt from report by privately-owned Somali Shabeelle Media Network website on 18 September Somali pirates have this morning hijacked a Greek-owned ship and its 25 crew members near the coast of Mogadishu.

2008-09-16 03:00:20

Text of report by Nairobi-based online news service of UN regional information network IRIN on 15 September Nairobi, 15 September: More than half of Djibouti's population is food insecure and needs emergency aid due to drought and high food prices, an early warning information service has said.

2008-09-15 15:00:23

Text of report by privately-owned Somali radio HornAfrik on 15 September [Presenter] The Transitional Federal Government of Somalia has today responded to the statement issued by Al-Shabab Islamic Movement, that the private airline companies and other flights should stop using Adan Adde International Airport as from 16 of September.

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The African wild ass (Equus africanus) is a species within the Equidae family that is thought to be that ancestor of the domestic donkey. This species resides in arid habitats in a range that includes the Horn of Africa, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Eritrea. This species hold four subspecies, including the Somali wild ass and the Nubian wild ass. The African wild ass reaches an average body length of 6.6 feet, a height between 12.1 and 14.1 hands at the shoulders, and a weight between 510 and...

Dibatag, Ammodorcas clarkei
2012-08-05 21:14:48

The dibatag (Ammodorcas clarkei), also known as Clarke's gazelle, is native to Somalia and Ethiopia. Its range is significantly smaller than it once was, and in many areas, populations are fragmented. In the region of Ogaden, where it was once abundant, the northern populations have dwindled due to human civilizations taking over. In southern Ogaden, it is still present in acceptable numbers, most likely due to the natural vegetation and habitat required to sustain it. It prefers a habitat...

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