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Common Dwarf Mongoose Helogale parvula
2012-11-05 15:29:32

The common dwarf mongoose (Helogale parvula), also known simply as the dwarf mongoose, is native to Africa. Its range extends from East Africa to Central Africa, south to Transvaal, and from Ethiopia and Eritrea. It prefers a habitat within open forests, arid grasslands, and bushlands at elevations of up to 6,561 feet. It is often seen in areas with termite mounds, where it likes to sleep, and...

Southern Ground-hornbill
2006-02-17 15:28:27

The Southern Ground Hornbill (Bucorvus leadbeateri) is one of two species of ground-hornbill. This large-sized bird measures between 90 and 129 cm and is characterized by black coloration and vivid red-colored face and throat patches (yellow in juvenile birds). The white tips of the wings (primary feathers) seen in flight are another indicative characteristic. The beak is black, straight and...

Abyssinian Ground-hornbill
2006-02-17 15:20:01

The Abyssinian Ground-hornbill Bucorvus abyssinicus (also known as Northern Ground-hornbill) is one of two species of ground-hornbill. The other is the Southern Ground-hornbill.

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