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2011-09-21 20:45:59

The media may portray text messaging and social networks as powerful new weapons for freedom fighters, but these new communication tools may not be as uniformly beneficial or as robust as suggested, according to Penn State researchers. People have used new information communication technologies, such as Twitter, Facebook and text messaging, both as tools for freedom and to repress in recent civil strife in Egypt and Kenya, said Brandie Martin, graduate student in mass communications....

2011-07-21 12:20:42

'Facebook revolutionaries' find challenges outside virtual world Despite helping to push Hosni Mubarak and his regime from power, Egypt's liberals and pro-democracy activists are having trouble moving from revolution to politics, according to a recent article in the World Policy Journal (published by SAGE). In this in-depth look at the Egyptian political landscape, the article's author, Jenna Krasjeki, examines various groups vying for influence and public support in the run-up to elections...

2011-04-13 15:14:00

Jailed Member of Mubarak's Parliament Hopes for a Fair Trial WASHINGTON, April 13, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- This statement is being released by Qorvis Communications on behalf of Stanley Rowe: Almost one month after Hosni Mubarak stepped down from his post as President of Egypt, The Washington Post examines the case of Ahmed Ezz, a steel tycoon who was arrested and charged for profiting from political connections. In the article, "The rise and fall of Egypt's most despised...

2011-03-16 17:13:00

NEW YORK, March 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Get content from U.S. Department of State at: http://www.thenewsmarket.com/Releases/StoryDetailPage.aspx?GUID=ccef600a-3f80-477d-b641-5b4f98c96a75# U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton toured Cairo's Tahrir Square on Wednesday (March 16), smiling, waving and shaking hands as she visited the heart of the revolt that toppled long-time U.S. ally Hosni Mubarak from power. Secretary Clinton is the highest U.S. official to visit since Mubarak's...

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