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Presence Of Humans, Urban Landscapes Increase Songbirds Illness
2014-02-06 10:15:17

Humans living in densely populated urban areas have a profound impact not only on their physical environment, but also on the health and fitness of native wildlife.

2013-05-29 09:42:27

A novel disease in songbirds has rapidly evolved to become more harmful to its host on at least two separate occasions in just two decades.

2012-02-10 10:13:36

A new study of a devastating bird disease that spread from poultry to house finches in the mid-1990s reveals that the bacteria responsible for the disease evolves at an exceptionally fast rate.

2009-12-04 15:04:24

Birds' alarm calls serve both to alert other birds to danger and to warn off predators.

2009-02-13 14:26:32

"What you see is what you get" often is the mantra in the highly competitive life of birds, as they use brilliant displays of color to woo females for mating.

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2008-05-16 12:55:05

The Purple Finch (Carpodacus purpureus), is a member of the Rosefinch family. Their breeding habitat is coniferous and mixed forest in Canada and the northeastern United States, as well as various wooded areas along the U.S. Pacific coast. They nest on a horizontal branch or in a fork of a tree. Birds from northern Canada migrate to the southern United States. Other birds are permanent residents. Adults have a short forked brown tail and brown wings and are about 4 inches in length. Adult...

2008-05-16 12:53:55

The Cassin's Finch (Carpodacus cassinii), is a species of finch of the Rosefinch genus. Their breeding habitat is coniferous forest in mountains of western North America as far south as northern New Mexico and Arizona. They are also found in Southern California near Baja California. They nest in a large conifer. They move to lower elevations in winter. Birds from Canada migrate south as far as central interior Mexico and the Mexican Plateau. Adults have a short forked brown tail and brown...

2008-05-16 12:52:14

The House Finch (Carpodacus mexicanus), is a species of finch of the Rosefinch genus. Originally only a resident of Mexico and the southwestern United States, they were introduced to eastern North America in the 1940s. These birds are mainly permanent residents, though some eastern birds migrate south. Their breeding habitat is urban and suburban areas in the East as well as various semi-open areas in the West from southern Canada to northern Florida and the Mexican state of Oaxaca. The...

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