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House Finch
2008-05-16 12:52:14

The House Finch (Carpodacus mexicanus), is a species of finch of the Rosefinch genus. Originally only a resident of Mexico and the southwestern United States, they were introduced to eastern North America in the 1940s. These birds are mainly permanent residents, though some eastern birds migrate south. Their breeding habitat is urban and suburban areas in the East as well as various semi-open...

Tree Sparrow
2008-05-12 14:51:09

The Tree Sparrow (Passer montanus), breeds over much of Europe and Siberia. Allied forms of this species also occur in other parts of Asia. It has been introduced to Australia and the United States as well. In the United States it is known as the Eurasian Tree Sparrow or German Sparrow to differentiate it from the native, unrelated American Tree Sparrow. In some parts of its natural range, the...

Cinnamon Sparrow
2008-05-12 14:38:23

The Cinnamon Sparrow (Passer rutilans), also known as the Russet Sparrow, is a species of sparrow found throughout Asia in woodlands and towns. Photo Copyright and Credit

House Sparrow
2008-05-12 14:20:32

The House Sparrow (Passer domesticus), is a member of the Old World sparrow family Passeridae. This bird is loosely considered a relative of the Weaver Finch family. It occurs naturally in most of Europe and much of Asia. It has also followed humans all over the world and has been intentionally or accidentally introduced to most of the Americas, sub-Saharan Africa, New Zealand and Australia as...

House Martin
2006-07-30 13:25:32

The House Martin, Delichon urbica, is a migratory perching bird of the family Hiruninidae. The European range of the House Martin roughly corresponds with that of its relative the Barn Swallow, and it also winters in tropical Africa. The adult House Martin is steel-blue above with a white rump, and white underparts. Its short legs and toes have white downy feathering. Its bill is black. The...

Western Bluebird
2006-07-15 12:16:00

The Western Bluebird (Sialia mexicana) is a medium-sized thrush. Adults have a gray belly. Males are bright blue on top and on the throat with a red breast; they have a brown patch on their back. Adult females have duller blue wings and tail, a brownish breast and a gray crown, throat and back. Their breeding habitat is semi-open country across western North America, but not desert areas....

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