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2010-04-19 12:46:56

The fifth Howler Monkey census at the Smithsonian's Barro Colorado Island research station in Panama, organized by Katie Milton, professor in the department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management at the University of California, Berkeley, revealed that monkey numbers have not changed significantly since the first census 33 years ago.

2008-07-22 15:00:00

By Jonathan Allen, Fort Mill Times, S.C. Jul. 21--SAVING THE RAIN FOREST: NFHS Environmental Club at work FORT MILL TOWNSHIP -- Farms have roosters, rain forests have howler monkeys.

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Yellow-Tailed Woolly Monkey, Oreonax flavicauda
2014-04-10 14:40:56

The Yellow-Tailed Woolly Monkey (Oreonax flavicauda) is a New World monkey that is native to Peru. It is a rare primate species that is found only in the Peruvian Andes, in the departments of Amaxonas and San Martin, along with the bordering areas of La Libertad, Huanuco, and Loreto. This woolly monkey was, at first, under the Lagothrix genera with other woolly monkeys, but because of debatable primary sources, they have been placed under the Oreonax genera. This genus has been suggested to...

Brown Howler, Alouatta guariba
2012-07-18 14:29:57

The brown howler (Alouatta guariba) is a New World monkey that is native to the far northeastern portions of Argentina, and Brazil. It is also commonly known as the brown howling monkey. Although its name implies that it is brown, it can vary in color with some individuals appearing to be redder in color or even black. It typically lives in small groups that contain up to eleven individuals. It holds two subspecies, one of which is critically endangered. The brown howler as a species appears...

Golden-mantled Howler, Alouatta palliata palliate
2012-07-18 14:07:02

The golden-mantled howler (Alouatta palliata palliate) is a subspecies of the mantled howler that is native to Central America. Its range includes Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Guatemala, and it is thought that it may occur in Panama. It is a dark howler with a yellowish or golden mantle. The golden-mantled howler appears on the IUCN Red List with a conservation status of “Least Concern”. Image Caption: Adult male mantled howler monkey (Alouatta paliatta) in Costa Rican Pacific...

Guatemalan Black Howler, Alouatta pigra
2012-07-06 19:09:05

The Guatemalan black howler (Alouatta pigra), also known as the Yucatan black howler, is a species of howler monkey that is native to Central America. Its range includes Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and areas near the Yucatan Peninsula. It prefers to live in semi deciduous, evergreen, and lowland rainforests. The Guatemalan black howler is one of the largest of all New World monkeys, and the largest of all howler monkeys. Males are typically larger than females, weighing up to 25 pounds,...

2006-12-28 14:01:16

The black howler monkey (Alouatta caraya) is a species of howler monkey. It is a large New World monkey. It is found in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay. It lives in groups of 3 to 19 individuals (usually 7 to 9). There are usually 1 to 3 males for every 7 to 9 females in a group. When mating, males and females within a single group pair off. Named for their vocalizations, they may be heard most often around sunrise. This "dawn chorus" sounds much more like roaring that howling,...

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