Latest HP 2133 Mini-Note PC Stories

2010-09-01 07:06:10

Growth forecasts for personal computer sales for the second half of the year have been cut by Gartner on Tuesday, noting that the economic outlook for the US and Western Europe remains uncertain. The technology research and advisory firm said worldwide PC sales are expected to grow 15.3 percent during the second half of the year, about two percent below the previous forecast. Although lowering their forecast numbers, Gartner said worldwide PC sales should top 367.8 million units, up just...

2008-10-29 13:05:00

Hewlett-Packard Co announced its newest member of its line of computers "“ a mini-notebook, marking its intent to cash in on the growing market of trimmed down PCs. So-called netbooks have scaled back features and are designed for light duty. They appeal to consumers looking for a portable PC at a more affordable price during a period of economic woes. Prior to HP's announcement, computer firms such as Acer Inc and Asustek Computer Inc lead the way by introducing the first affordable...

2008-08-19 12:00:26

By REBECCA ARMSTRONG 1 Acer Aspire One 200 The Aspire One, which runs on Linux, not Windows, is a competent compact computer in that it's light, it's small - with a screen size of 8.9in - and it's cheap. The battery life is less exemplary at a measly two hours. www.acer.co.uk; 0870 853 1005 2 Vye mini-v S18P 500 With its rotating 7in touch-screen and compact size, Vye's mini- laptop is an intriguing beast. On the plus side, it's very lightweight and has a good battery life, but it...

2008-07-28 00:00:22

By Jason Tan HONG KONG recently faced its first typhoon of the year, which brought massive rain and winds. Despite such weather conditions, nearly 1,000 eager beavers flocked to Mongkok, Kowloon, to get their hands on the latest Eee PC. All of the 1,000 units allocated for the global premiere in Hong Kong were snapped up that day. The fever of low-cost computers has not only caught on in Hong Kong. More consumers across the globe - especially those who need a PC for simple Internet...

2008-07-01 12:00:28

As part of its efforts to facilitate the adoption and integration of technology in schools, HP (NYSE:HPQ) today announced computing products, education solutions and 2008 HP Technology for Teaching Leadership Award winners at the National Educational Computing Conference. During a media breakfast at the event, education customers and HP executives discussed the following news: -- Volume deployment of HP Mini-Note PC -- New workstation and mobile calculating offerings --...

2008-06-20 12:00:15

Novell has announced that Micro-Star International, a manufacturer of computer hardware products and solutions based in Taiwan, is pre-installing SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 on MSI's low-cost mini-notebooks. The initial pre-loaded model, the Wind Notebook, is a segment of low-cost mini-notebooks, termed 'netbooks' by Intel. Powered by the new Intel Atom processor, the Wind netbook will be available worldwide and comes pre-loaded with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop as well as the...

2008-04-08 15:50:00

Hewlett-Packard Co., the leading provider of personal computers worldwide, announced on Tuesday that it is joining the growing market for petite laptops.HP hopes its Mini Note PC will appeal to students as well as business professionals who need a smaller, low-cost pc for basic tasks such as Web surfing and word processing. Another hope is that consumers will begin purchasing two laptops "“ a lightweight mini pc for basic work on the go, and a more powerful one for their home...

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