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2008-08-26 15:00:18

By HILL, Ruth HORMONE replacement therapy could be "the female Viagra" for post- menopausal women, new research involving Wellington women suggests.

2008-08-25 15:00:22

By THOMAS, Kim Post-menopausal women can get a libido boost by taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT), new research has found.

2008-08-22 06:00:10

HORMONE replacement therapy (HRT) could improve sleep, boost sexuality and ease joint pain in older women, say researchers. Several studies have linked HRT with an increased risk of breast cancer, heart problems and deep vein thrombosis.

2008-07-16 06:00:00

By Lyndsay Moss MEDICAL research can often produce conflicting advice on a number of health issues, making it difficult for women to know what to do for the best. In recent years, much concern has been raised over the safety of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

2008-01-24 06:00:08

By Foidart, Jean-Michel Faustmann, Thomas Abstract Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) remains the most effective treatment for menopausal symptom relief, and may provide cardiovascular benefits in younger women initiating treatment soon after menopause.

2007-08-30 06:19:04

By Verdier-Sevrain, S ABSTRACT Estrogens have a profound influence on skin. The relative hypoestrogenism that accompanies menopause exacerbates the deleterious effects of both intrinsic and environmental aging. Estrogens prevent skin aging. They increase skin thickness and improve skin moisture.

2007-06-14 06:08:18

By Li, Tinggang Li, Xiufen; Chen, Jian; Zhang, Guoping; Wang, Hongchun ABSTRACT: The removal performance of typical refractory organic compounds in landfill leachate was investigated during the electrochemical (EC) oxidation and anaerobic process combined treatment system in this paper.

2007-03-09 09:00:19

By Genazzani, A R; Mannella, P; Simoncini, T Key

2007-03-09 09:00:19

By Rosano, G M C; Vitale, C; Marazzi, G; Volterran

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