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Wifi Passwords Leaking On Select HTC Smart Phones
2012-02-03 11:16:23

Mobile security researchers discovered a “critical” bug in several models of  HTC Android handsets that could expose users´ wifi credentials to any hacker who cared to look, reports  Sharif Sakr for Engadget. The flaw was discovered in September of last year. The list of affected phones includes the Desire HD (including the “ace” and “spade” board revisions), the HTC Glacier, the Droid Incredible, Thunderbolt 4G, Sensation Z710e, Sensation...

2012-01-10 08:25:00

Phone Doctors is showcasing a variety of new product innovations to serve the smartphone and mobile device repair industry in the Venetian Exhibit Hall at CES2012. Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) January 10, 2012 Last year the Consumer Electronics Show was flooded with innovative new SmartPhones and mobile devices.  Thousands of these break on a daily basis, and it has created a booming new demand for smartphone repair. Phone Doctors will be on site at CES2012 to present some amazing innovations...

2011-12-23 19:00:00

Celebrate Christmas the old fashioned way: without Whatsapp, Wordfeud or Twitter. John´s Phone allows everybody to spend quality time with friends and family. Amsterdam (PRWEB) December 23, 2011 Who: John´s Phone Amsterdam. What: An Android app that turns every smartphone into a John´s Phone, only allowing to make calls, being called and to receive text. Where: Android Market. Why: Because Christmas should be about spending quality time with loved ones. Siting at the same...

Microsoft Gives Away Free Phones To Angry Android Users
2011-12-14 08:23:25

Google recently removed 22 applications from its Android Market on the suspicion that they were malware. The questionable applications were found by Lookout, a security firm, and targeted users in Europe by exploiting premium SMS fraud services that cost users money. Lookout wrote in a blog post, “The initial batch appeared as horoscope apps with a fairly hidden ToS [terms of service] indicating charges. The initial application activity presents the user with a single option to...

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