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2014-06-27 23:10:12

The world’s best app for online dating designed for successful people, makes a very interesting announcement, after a tough analysis of its user database. Los Angeles California (PRWEB) June 27, 2014 A very interesting announcement has been made by the APP - Luxy known to be one of the best for successful people who are looking forward to find the love of their lives. A tough analysis has concluded the fact that the website houses 75% successful females and just 25% men. The...

2014-06-27 23:07:42

The top tier and leading vet care provider in Waterloo and Cedar Valley Iowa emphasizes the importance of keeping pet owners educated about keeping their animals safe, healthy and protected at home with a new video series. Waterloo, Iowa (PRWEB) June 27, 2014 Den Herder Veterinary Hospital, a leading veterinary hospital and clinic in Waterloo, Iowa, has launched a series of videos that focuses on keeping pets in optimum health at home. The videos are aimed at ensuring that pet owners are...

2014-06-27 23:04:22

ASPCA’s first-ever interactive mobile app provides pet owners with research-based tips and tools for recovering lost pets. New York, NY (PRWEB) June 27, 2014 Nearly one-in-five pets goes missing after being scared by the sound of fireworks, thunderstorms or other loud noises according to recent survey findings. Because having the right information handy is key when the unthinkable happens, the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) has...

2014-06-27 23:01:30

Introducing the Belfie, A Parent’s Guide released today by NoBullying http://nobullying.com/what-all-parents-should-know-about-the-belfie/. London, UK (PRWEB) June 27, 2014 For responsible 21st century parents, the term “selfie” has already created tidal waves and they have probably already had a conversation about posting photos online but what about the new “belfie” trend taking the teen world by storm. Explore the “belfie” trend with NoBullying’s guide released today....

2014-06-27 15:01:35

Johns Hopkins Medicine A Johns Hopkins-led research team has found that motivational interviewing, along with standard education and awareness programs, significantly reduced secondhand smoke exposure among children living in those households. Motivational interviewing, a counseling strategy that gained popularity in the treatment of alcoholics, uses a patient-centered counseling approach to help motivate people to change behaviors. Experts say it stands in contrast to externally...

2014-06-27 00:20:39

Missouri's Corcoran Leads Co-Anglers PARIS, Tenn., June 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Pro angler Brett Hite of Phoenix, Ariz., brought a five-bass limit to the scale Thursday weighing 24 pounds, 14 ounces to grab the lead after day one of the Walmart FLW Tour at Kentucky Lake presented by Evinrude. Hite now holds a 2-pound, 3-ounce lead heading into day two of the four-day event, hosted by the Henry County Alliance, that features 162 of the best bass-fishing anglers in the world...

2014-06-26 23:17:11

Beginning today, MaineHealth employees who enroll in NutriSavings will access nutrition education and earn financial rewards based on their healthy choices at the supermarket and program participation rate. Newton, MA (PRWEB) June 26, 2014 NutriSavings is pleased to announce that MaineHealth, ranked among the nation’s top 100 integrated healthcare delivery networks, has deployed NutriSavings’ rewards-based model to make healthy grocery shopping easier and more affordable for its...

2014-06-26 23:07:54

Although the U.S. economy is making a slow-but-sure recovery from the recent recession, most families these days find that two incomes are an absolute must. Quality childcare is both a calling and a sound business concept; in light of this, and the ever-growing need for such businesses, Wise Business Plans is proud to announce a renewed focus on helping childcare providers succeed in 2014. (PRWEB) June 26, 2014 "When we support the success of responsible, innovative childcare...

2014-06-26 20:23:02

SACRAMENTO, Calif., June 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- This week's arrest of a plumbing contractor in Humboldt County revealed the reach of local and state agencies' efforts to expose and prosecute unscrupulous contractors. The California Professional Association of Specialty Contractors (CALPASC) considers the California Department of Insurance's (CDI) press release a clear warning that even rural contractors cannot fly under the radar of enforcement agencies working to level the playing...

2014-06-26 08:28:14

Data uncovers that while 78 percent of American parents see a lull in their sex lives, they get creative when it comes to making the most of their precious pillow time EWING, N.J., June 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The makers of Trojan(TM) Lubricants in collaboration with YourTango released a national survey today, examining the sex lives of American parents. The survey uncovered 78 percent of parents report diminished sex lives after having children. The good news is that sex and pleasure are...

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2013-12-24 12:23:34

Spectrophobia is a kind of specific phobia involving a morbid fear of mirrors. Catoptrophobia is the fear of mirrors. This phobia is distinct from Eisoptrophobia, which is the fear of your own reflection. In general, an individual suffering from this phobia has been traumatized in an event where they believe they have seen or heard apparitions or ghosts. The individual could also become traumatized by television shows, nightmares, or horror films. This fear could be the result of a trauma...

10 Tips To A Great Summer
2012-07-16 20:56:36

With the start of summer upon us, we start thinking of things to do on the weekend and how to keep the kids busy. Here are a few things that may just help accomplish that and also to stay safe during this summer. #1 Weather is always a big player in whichever season it maybe, but the summer is a when the United States experiences some of its most severe weather such as Tornadoes and Hurricanes. The best tip for this is to be prepared. If the National Weather Service issues a watch or...

2007-05-21 07:48:59

The Orbicular batfish (Platax orbicularis) is a popular aquarium fish endemic to tropical waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Its body is almost disc-shaped, and very thin; the tail, about 20% of the body length, is fan-shaped and taller than it is long. Males can grow to up to 19.69 in (50 cm) in length, though aquarium specimens are generally much shorter. In the wild, the Orbicular Batfish is found in brackish or marine waters, usually around reefs, at depths from 16.4 to 98.43 ft...

2007-04-10 14:17:18

The Pearlscale is a breed of fancy goldfish which is commonly stocked in the aquarium trade. It has a short round body, and its noted feature (as the name suggests) is the white domed scales which rise out of the body slightly, glittering in the aquarium lights. This appearance is due to extra calcified scale material building up in the center of each scale. A variant of this breed with head growth is quite common and known as the Crown Pearlscale. It is a highly sociable fish (like all...

2007-04-10 14:06:21

A Fantail goldfish is a standard "fancy" type of goldfish. It has a dual-lobed tail, unlike its cousin the common or comet. Its fins can be different sizes, ranging from 1-3 in or more in length. A typical fantail has paired fins, including anal fins, a single dorsal fin, and a round, pointed body shape. It can range in color, from bronze (known as chocolate), orange, red, calico, and mixes of the colors. It is the third hardiest of the fancy goldfish with Comet first and Shubunkin second,...

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