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2011-12-16 14:02:58

Although the temperate climates of central Europe provide plentiful food in summer, finding enough to eat is much more problematic in winter. Many small mammals avoid the problem by hibernating but this survival strategy is generally not practiced by larger animals. With the exception of some bears, large mammals remain fully awake throughout the year, yet they too must reduce their metabolism to cope with the comparative scarcity of food. Red deer, for example, are known to lower their heart...

2011-09-19 22:57:55

If the brain goes hungry, Twinkies look a lot better, a study led by researchers at Yale University and the University of Southern California has found. Brain imaging scans show that when glucose levels drop, an area of the brain known to regulate emotions and impulses loses the ability to dampen desire for high-calorie food, according to the study published online September 19 in The Journal of Clinical Investigation. "Our prefrontal cortex is a sucker for glucose," said Rajita Sinha,...

2011-02-18 06:05:00

Black bears show surprisingly significant and previously unobserved slowing of their metabolism during and after hibernation, according to a new study by scientists at the Institute of Arctic Biology at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. The amount of metabolic suppression surprised the researchers, since the bears exhibited only a moderate decrease in body temperature during hibernation. "In general, an animal's metabolism slows to about half for each 10 degree (Celsius) drop in body...

2010-05-11 04:00:00

ATLANTA, May 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Hothead Technologies has executed an agreement with Shafer Medical Devices, a Division of Shafer Enterprises, LLC to develop and distribute a medical application of the H.O.T.(TM) System that supports the Shafer Medical Devices Hypo/Hyperthermic Pad in managing normothermia in patients, during pre-op, surgery, and post op. The H.O.T.(TM) System, created by Hothead Technologies, wirelessly monitors body temperature, sending warning signals if the individual's...

2009-12-15 06:15:00

EDINA, Minn. Dec. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- ARKRAY USA, Inc., a global leader of clinical chemistry, urine chemistry, and blood glucose products, today announced that it has re-introduced the CLIA waived DiaScreen® 50 Urine Chemistry Analyzer. Back by popular demand, the DiaScreen® 50 satisfies a market need for a value priced analyzer. The DiaScreen® 50 enables easy in-office urine testing. It provides instrument read results that eliminate...

2009-07-13 16:25:00

Lizards are ectotherms -- animals whose body temperatures vary with surrounding temperatures. Ectotherms, which account for the largest population of animals on Earth, are found in the highest concentrations in tropical areas.Since the 1940s, scientists have known that lizards regulate their body temperatures by moving between sun and shade. Less well understood has been tropical lizards' adaptability to changes in the temperature and availability of shade in their environment.A study...

2009-06-24 13:51:06

A new study has found that as the climate continues to get warmer, the rate of molecular evolution in mammals could speed up as they attempt to regulate their body temperature. A study of the same species in different climates found that the DNA of those living in warmer conditions were changing at a faster rate, researchers told BBC News. According to the study published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, lead author Len Gillman from Auckland University of Technology and colleagues...

2008-06-14 13:27:08

Whether in Canada or the Caribbean, tree leaves don't have to worry about the temperature outside - they have their own built-in climate control that always aims to keep them comfortable, a new study finds. The long-standing view of plant biologists was that the temperature of a photosynthesizing leaf would be the same as that of the surrounding air. But in a survey of 39 tree species ranging over 50 degrees of latitude across North America (between Puerto Rico and Canada), biologists...

2008-06-11 16:15:00

The temperature inside a healthy, photosynthesizing tree leaf is affected less by outside environmental temperature than originally believed, according to new research from biologists at the University of Pennsylvania.Surveying 39 tree species ranging in location from subtropical to boreal climates, researchers found a nearly constant temperature in tree leaves. These findings provide new understanding of how tree branches and leaves maintain a homeostatic temperature considered ideal for...

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