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2015-05-26 08:28:20

Award Winning Personalized Children's Book "Where Do Dreams Come From?" will be featured at the Book Expo America in NYC at the Jacob Javits Center as part of their new title showcase on May 27th -

2015-05-26 08:28:19

The once innocent face of Disney ended up in the hospital yesterday after yet another run-in with a group of paparazzi. LOS ANGELES, May.

2015-05-26 08:27:21

Professional athlete and pet parent Bucky Lasek will throw out the first pitch SAN DIEGO, May 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- For the 11(th) year, Petco will welcome hundreds of dogs to Petco

2015-05-26 04:25:31

-- A new social networking app from the man behind the BBC iPlayer LONDON, May 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, 6Tribes, a new

2015-05-26 04:21:11

The Mobby Awards /Business, for smartphone-optimized apps, will now complement the Tabby Awards /Business, for tablet-optimized apps. NEW YORK, May 26, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ --

2015-05-26 00:20:31

TOTTORI, Japan, May 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The government of Tottori Prefecture, which has produced many manga artists including Shigeru Mizuki, Jiro Taniguchi and Gosho Aoyama, is calling

2015-05-25 23:00:04

New book ‘Harbinger’ explores possibility of extraterrestrial life with elements of humor, intrigue CHESAPEAKE, Va.

2015-05-25 16:20:37

- Plus, all-new seasons of HOT IN CLEVELAND (May 26), and HOLLYWOOD GAME NIGHT (July 7) join CTV's summer schedule -- Series join previously announced blockbuster

2015-05-25 12:20:12

County Board President Preckwinkle was keynote at memorial event CHICAGO, May 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Military, public safety, community and business leaders came together today for

body language flirting
2015-05-25 11:19:22

Think he’s flirting with you? How do you know if she’s interested? Read on to learn the signs.

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Ipomopsis aggregata
2014-12-13 14:49:47

Ipomopsis aggregata is a flowering plant species. The plant’s Latin scientific name, “Ipomopsis”, means similar to Ipomoea or Morning Glories, referencing the species similarities. The species may also be commonly referred to as the Scarlet Gilia, Scarlet trumpet and Skyrocket. I. aggregata is indigenous to western North America. It can be found growing from British Columbia all the way south to Mexico. Ipomopsis aggregata is a member of the Polemoniaceae family. Ipomopsis aggregata...

Dodecatheon pulchellum
2014-12-08 18:47:11

Dodecatheon pulchellum is a perennial, flowering plant species. The species may also be commonly referred to as the Pretty shooting star, the Few-flowered shooting star, the Dark throat shooting star and the Prairie shooting star. D. pulchellum is a member of the Primulaceae family. The plant is indigenous to the western United States. D. pulchellum typically grows in is desert environments. The plant is scattered throughout the Great Basin Deserts and the Mojave Desert. D. pulchellum...

Dodecatheon poeticum
2014-12-08 18:23:39

Dodecatheon poeticum is a flowering plant species. The species may also be commonly referred to as the Poet’s shooting star or the Narcissus shooting star. Its common names are referring to the plant’s unique flowers. D. poeticum is a member of the Primulaceae family. The plant is indigenous to western North America. D. poeticum grows in woodlands that see plenty of moisture in the springtime and drier summertime months. The plant prefers wide-open areas in direct sunlight....

Rambouillet Sheep
2014-10-27 11:31:48

The Rambouillet sheep, also known as the French Merino or the Rambouillet Merino, is a breed of domestic sheep that was developed in France. This breed’s development began in 1786, when King Louis XVI acquired 366 Spanish Merino sheep from King Charles III of Spain. The flock was bred experimentally at Bergerie royale, a royal farmed owned by the king, where crossbreeding and selective breeding with English long-wool breeds produced a more defined breed. By the time the Rambouillet sheep...

Lamprocapnos spectabilis
2014-10-27 10:12:32

Lamprocaponos spectabilis is a flowering plant. The species belongs to the Papaveraceae family. The plant is native to Asia; Siberia, northern China, Korea and Japan. L. spectabilis stands alone in its monotypic genus, meaning it has no subspecies or smaller subordinates. The plant may now be listed as Dicentra spectabilis and is commonly referred to as Bleeding heart, Dutchman’s breeches or “lady-in-a-bath”. L. spectabilis is used widely in gardens and landscapes. The plant is a...

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