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UCF Invites The Public To Watch Asteroid 2012 DA14 Buzz By Earth Today
2013-02-15 12:07:15

University of Central Florida Students, professors, cooks, amateur and professional astronomers, and children will gather at the University of Central Florida to watch a historic moment — an asteroid the size of a football field buzz by Earth at a mere 17,200 miles away. It´s the closest flyby on record, the range in between the planet´s surface and orbiting communication satellites. While there is no chance asteroid 2012 DA14 will hit the planet this time, it´s a...

2010-10-08 11:30:00

Water ice on asteroids may be more common than expected, according to a new study that was presented October 7 at the world's largest gathering of planetary scientists. Two teams of researchers who made national headlines in April for showing the first evidence of water ice and organic molecules on an asteroid have now discovered that asteroid 65 Cybele contains the same material. "This discovery suggests that this region of our solar system contains more water ice than anticipated," said...

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  • A unit of saved energy.
Coined by Amory Lovins, chairman of the Rocky Mountain Institute as a contraction of negative watt on the model of similar compounds like megawatt.