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2009-08-28 14:55:45

Births dropped in the year after Hurricane Katrina in areas of Louisiana and Mississippi that were hit but rose in affected parts of Alabama, researchers say. Births were down 30 percent in the Louisiana region pummeled by the 2005 storm and 13 percent in the affected parts of Mississippi -- an average of 19 percent for the 14 counties in those two states -- but rose 6 percent in selected Alabama counties, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for health Statistics...

2008-09-14 09:00:19

By MICHAEL KUNZELMAN By Michael Kunzelman The Associated Press LAKE CHARLES, La. Southwest Louisiana was spared a direct hit from Hurricane Ike, but a 16-year-old drowned in a storm surge that crawled 30 miles inland, flooding tens of thousands of homes and making many roads impassable.

2008-09-13 12:00:14

By Michael Kunzelman Associated Press LAKE CHARLES, La. -- Storm surge driven by Hurricane Ike breached levees in coastal Louisiana Friday and flooded hundreds of homes in areas along the Gulf of Mexico still recovering from Gustav.

2008-09-04 09:00:03

By Mary Foster and Melinda Deslatte Associated Press NEW ORLEANS -- Thousands of people who fled Hurricane Gustav forced the city to reluctantly open its doors Wednesday, but nearly 1.2 million homes and businesses across Louisiana were still without electricity and officials said it could take as long as a month to fully restore power.

2008-09-02 09:00:37

Utility officials say Hurricane Gustav left more than a million people without power Tuesday on the U.S. Gulf Coast. That number was expected to grow as evacuees returned home and reported outages, The Washington Post reported.

2008-09-02 09:00:03

From wire reports NEW ORLEANS This nearly deserted city appeared to have escaped threats of full-scale devastation Monday when Hurricane Gustav came ashore 70 miles to the southwest, bearing winds and rain far less formidable than earlier forecast.

2008-08-29 15:40:00

A new report on the deaths from Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana shows that almost half of the nearly 1,000 who died were 75 or older.

2008-08-29 09:00:11

By Becky Bohrer Associated Press NEW ORLEANS -- With Gustav approaching hurricane strength and showing no signs of veering off a track to slam into the Gulf Coast, authorities across the region began laying the groundwork Thursday to get the sick, elderly and poor away from the shoreline.

2008-08-29 06:00:14

By Rick Jervis and Donna Leinwand NEW ORLEANS -- As Gustav threatened to pack a wallop, local leaders and emergency workers unfurled plans and readied evacuation tactics Thursday to avoid a repeat of the deadly mistakes that preceded Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

2008-08-29 03:00:24

SERIOUS THREAT On the eve of Hurricane Katrina's third anniversary, a nervous New Orleans watched Wednesday as Tropical Storm Gustav threatened to test everything the city has rebuilt, and officials began preliminary planning to evacuate and lock down the city in hopes of avoiding the catastrophe that followed the 2005 storm.

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