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Study: Shock-Absorbing Running Shoes Don’t Reduce Injury Risk
2013-10-13 08:22:41

[ Watch the Video: Special Running Shoes Don't Always Prevent Injuries ] redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports – Your Universe Online Despite advertising claims that softer soles in shoes can help runners keep from getting hurt, researchers from France and Luxembourg found no evidence suggesting the hardness of a person’s footwear increases or decreases the risk of running-related injuries. Writing in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, experts from the Luxembourg Public...

How Can Ingesting Silver Turn Your Skin Blue
2012-10-31 04:28:31

April Flowers for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online When is your skin like a black and white photograph? Sounds like the start to a bad riddle, right? Instead, it's the essential question behind a new study from Brown University. The study shows, for the first time, how ingesting too much silver can cause argyria, which is a rare condition that turns a patient's skin a striking shade of grayish blue. "It's the first conceptual model giving the whole picture of how one develops this...

2012-03-12 11:00:39

Fewer kids are getting hurt on stairs today than a decade ago, but new research shows that a US child still goes to the ER due to a stair-related injury once every six minutes, on average, and one in four children under 12 months being carried on the stairs also gets hurt. One author of the study said it is important for parents to supervise their kids when they are on the stairs and discourage them from playing on them. But he added that changes in how staircases are designed could cut...

2011-07-11 08:45:00

NEW YORK, July 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Twilight star Jackson Rathbone and his band, 100 Monkeys, have hit the road this summer on a headlining tour throughout the U.S. and Canada. On July 12th, the funk-rock band plays Boston, MA and will continue through August 28th, concluding in San Diego, CA. Tickets are on sale now at ticketmaster.com and information can be found at http://www.100monkeysmusic.com/. "We are excited to get back out on the road this summer," says Rathbone. "We...

2010-01-25 07:20:00

CHICAGO and LOS ANGELES, Jan. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- All too many times, Dr. Kiki Hurt has seen tragic loss of life that could have been prevented had the patient or the patient's family known some simple facts about health emergencies. With the release of Mini Medical School Mini Book 1 (http://www.hurtmd.com/Products.html), Dr. Hurt has taken steps to help people everywhere know when to seek immediate medical attention -- and save their own lives. Now in its second printing due to high...

2008-10-09 03:00:17

By Shoemaker, Michael J Hurt, Heather; Arndt, Leah ABSTRACT Purpose: To conduct a systematic review of the evidence regarding the efficacy of exercise training in the management of cystic fibrosis (CF). Methods: Articles were found by searching PEDRO, MEDLINE, and CINAHL databases. Included articles involved exercise-related interventions for long-term adaptations (ie, not acute effects of exercise). Articles were excluded if the language was other than English or if other non-exercise...

2008-09-07 03:00:00

By Muggli, Monique E Ebbert, Jon O; Robertson, Channing; Hurt, Richard D The major tobacco manufacturers discovered that polonium was part of tobacco and tobacco smoke more than 40 years ago and attempted, but failed, to remove this radioactive substance from their products. Internal tobacco industry documents reveal that the companies suppressed publication of their own internal research to avoid heightening the public's awareness of radioactivity in cigarettes. Tobacco companies continue...

2008-08-04 21:00:07

By Paul Swiech BLOOMINGTON - The 2008 Olympic Games are sure to inspire some Central Illinoisans to get on the track, hit the weights, grab a ball and head to the gym, or jump in the pool. That's great. But some people will overdo it, get injured and bring to a screeching halt what could have been a nice return to fitness. It doesn't have to be that way, several Bloomington-Normal fitness professionals said. You can get inspired by the athletes at the summer games and resume an...

2006-09-03 21:25:26

By Michael Paoletta NEW YORK (Billboard) - Nike's latest TV advertisement is an emotional workout. The 60-second spot combines the sorrowful voice of a dying Johnny Cash and the pained expressions of world-class athletes. The spot, titled Endure, features Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho, U.S. basketball player Lebron James, New Zealand weightlifter Mark Spooner, British distance runner Paula Radcliffe and other athletes at work. Without music the pained expressions on the athletes'...

2006-07-16 23:45:25

By Dean Goodman LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - In life, Johnny Cash was merely a legend. In death, he is proving immortal. Almost three years after he died at the age of 71 after a decade of poor health, the country outlaw is the most popular artist in the United States, currently at No. 1 on the pop and country charts with an album of new material. The album, "American V: A Hundred Highways," recorded in Cash's final months as he looked forward to reuniting with his late wife, June Carter...

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