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2008-04-22 14:55:00

Officials in the European Union said Tuesday they were unlikely to issue a ban on six artificial food colorings that some say may cause hyperactivity in children.Experts from across the EU's 27 member states discussed the matter earlier this month, after research in Britain suggested a possible link between the colorings and behavior in children.So far, the European Commission, which proposes and administers legislation on behalf of EU countries, has declined to call for a ban on the...

2008-04-10 14:45:00

Britain's Food Standard Agency (FSA) has called for a ban on six artificial food colorings, and wants the British government to instate voluntary removal of the products by next year.The agency's plea follows a study completed in September 2007 that found children lost concentration and behaved impulsively after consuming a drink containing the additives.The study involved 300 children who were assigned one of three drinks at random -- either a potent mix of colorings and additives, or a...

2008-03-20 08:54:30

Major study finds elementary school girls who are hyperactive need intensive prevention programsYoung girls who are hyperactive are more likely to get hooked on smoking, under-perform in school or jobs and gravitate towards mentally abusive relationships as adults, according to a joint study by researchers from the Universit© de Montr©al and the University College London (UCL). The study, published in the latest issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry, followed 881 Canadian...

2006-03-23 14:48:39

GAITHERSBURG, Maryland (Reuters) - Cephalon Inc.'s Provigil drug effectively treats attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and teenagers, U.S. health experts unanimously said on Thursday. The Food and Drug Administration panel of outside advisers said company data on the stimulant drug, currently approved for sleep disorders, showed it worked for ADHD. The FDA will make the final decision but usually follows the advice of its advisers.

2006-03-23 16:56:02

GAITHERSBURG, Maryland (Reuters) - Cephalon Inc.'s Provigil drug is not safe enough to be marketed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and teenagers, a panel of U.S. health advisers decided in a 12-1 vote on Thursday. The Food and Drug Administration panel of outside experts said it was concerned about the possibility of serious skin rashes with the new use of the drug, currently approved for sleep disorders. The FDA will make the final decision on whether to...

2006-03-06 00:20:00

By Michael Conlon CHICAGO -- In contrast to an earlier finding, it does not appear children who watch a lot of television wind up with behavior problems in school, researchers reported on Monday. If there is an association, it may be that the exhausted parents of already overly active children are more likely to let them watch TV to give themselves a break, and not that TV itself leads to attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, the report from Texas Tech University in Lubbock...

2006-02-08 10:18:37

By Will Boggs, MD NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - After having their tonsils and adenoids out because of obstructed breathing during sleep, some children tend to become overweight. The reason may be a decrease in fidgeting and hyperactivity, according to a new report. Children "should be closely monitored" for changes in their weight after undergoing adenotonsillectomy, Dr. James N. Roemmich told Reuters Health, and "physicians should provide appropriate counseling regarding weight...

2005-12-02 14:00:00

GAITHERSBURG, Maryland (Reuters) - A U.S. advisory panel on Friday unanimously voted that an experimental skin patch to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children is effective. The Food and Drug Administration is considering whether to approve the patch, made by Britain's Shire Pharmaceuticals Group Plc and U.S.-based Noven Pharmaceuticals Inc. The FDA usually follows the advice of its advisory panels. The panel is still discussing whether the patch has been proven safe.

2005-11-07 16:05:00

CHICAGO -- A drug commonly given to children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can help some autistic children with similar symptoms, researchers said on Monday. Methylphenidate, sold as Ritalin by Novartis AG, dominates the $2.2 billion market for drugs treating the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder such as an inability to concentrate and impulsive behavior. Autism affects between 3 percent and 7 percent of children, usually showing up between the ages of 3 and...

2005-08-01 05:40:00

CHICAGO -- Women who smoke during pregnancy nearly triple the risk their children will be born with attention deficit disorder, Danish researchers said on Monday. An expectant mother who smokes exposes her fetus to relatively high concentrations of nicotine, which in turn alter receptors for the brain chemical dopamine essential for brain development, said doctors from Aarhus University in Copenhagen. Writing in the journal Pediatrics, the researchers compared the backgrounds of 170...

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