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2005-08-09 15:56:31

CHICAGO "“ Moderately elevated levels of insulin increase the levels of inflammatory markers and beta-amyloid in plasma and in cerebrospinal fluid, and these markers may contribute to Alzheimer's disease, according to a new study posted online today from Archives of Neurology, one of the JAMA/Archives journals. The study will be published in the October print edition of the journal. According to background information in the article, "conditions of insulin resistance and...

2004-11-26 03:00:09

For the public, obesity is largely a cosmetic issue. For the doctor, it underlies disturbances of lipid and glucose metabolism that are posing one of the greatest threats to health the world has known. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancers and anovulation are the principal manifestations. Insulin resistance, consequent upon obesity, causes them and metabolic syndrome is the term used to describe them. Metabolic syndrome results from the maladaptation to overnutrition of genes selected to...

2004-11-26 03:00:09

Key words: PCOS, INSULIN SENSITIVITY, ANDROGENS, METFORMIN, FLUTAMIDE ABSTRACT In addition to the reproductive consequences, polycystk ovary syndrome (PCOS) is characterized by a metabolic disorder in which hyperinsulincmia and insulin resistance are central features. The effects and possible benefits from insulin-sensitizing drugs are not well known, especially in non-obese women with PCOS. This study was designed to evaluate, the effects of metformin and flutamide on metabolic...

2004-11-26 03:00:09

Key words: INSULIN, INSULIN-LIKE GROWTH FACTOR-I, METFORMIN, POLYCYSTIC OVARY SYNDROME, REGULAR MENSES ABSTRACT We aimed to investigate whether metformin would reverse the endocrinopathy of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), allowing resumption of cyclic ovulation and regular menses, and whether metformin causes any change in the serum concentration of insulin- like growth factor-I (IGF-I) in patients with PCOS. Fifty-eight women with PCOS participated in the study and received metformin...

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