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california drought australia
2015-05-27 09:47:42

Unless something is done, the state may soon run out of water. But what can be done? Australia's Millennium Drought offers some tips on how to survive this dry time.

space act bill
2015-05-27 09:19:38

A bill that extends the “learning period” limit on safety regulations for people flying commercial spacecraft and legal protections against third-party damages related to such launches through the year 2025 has been approved by the US House of Representatives.

2015-05-27 08:34:45

New Evidence-Based Suicide Prevention Program for Educators Launches Nationally NEW YORK, May 27, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- More than one in six high school students will consider suicide.

2015-05-27 08:34:09

DUBLIN, Ohio, May 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Later this week, Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions will present a new series of health economic outcomes research (HEOR) studies that reinforce the

2015-05-27 08:30:32

LOS ANGELES, May 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - Author Robert E.

2015-05-27 08:30:21

Duo announces first branded network with noted tech site, Re/code, to be acquired by Vox Media, in a deal announced yesterday NEW YORK, May 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Spencer Brown and

2015-05-27 08:29:49

New agreement supports Follett's continuing effort to drive literacy; available titles to include Harper Lee's anticipated "Go Set a Watchman" MCHENRY, Ill., May 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/

2015-05-27 08:29:24

Focused on providing an open platform that promotes age-appropriate content for children, Funtuse combines the best of Netflix, Audible, Scribd, and YouTube and also provides content partners an alternative

2015-05-27 08:29:18

FOX WRGT-TV is scheduled to air the Enterprises TV show on May 31. CORAL SPRINGS, Fla., May.

2015-05-27 08:29:11

OAKLAND, Calif., May 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- International Contact, Inc., a leader in media translation and localization,

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Lepas anserifera
2014-12-10 12:28:36

Lepas anserifera is a species of goose barnacle that can be found in tropical and temperate seas floating on flotsam and timber or attached to whales and the hulls of ships. This species, and others that share its genus, received its common name from its shape, which is like a goose, as well as the myth that goose eggs hatched from the barnacles. Lepas anserifera has a shell, or capitulum, that is surrounded by six plates that are white in color and is supported by stalk, also known as a...

Poli's Stellate Barnacle
2014-12-10 12:25:57

Poli’s stellate barnacle (Chthamalus stellatus) is a species of acorn barnacle that can be found in Southern Europe, South West England, and Ireland attached to rocky shorelines. It prefers to reside in warmer waters in areas that are less protected than bays, where it will attach itself to rocks and other hard materials. Poli’s stellate barnacle is typically cone shaped but can be shaped like a tube when living in large colonies and reaches a size of up to .55 inches. It is covered by...

Wharf Roach, Ligia exotica
2014-12-10 11:29:16

The wharf roach (Ligia exotica) is a species of sea slater and crustacean that is thought to be native to the Mediterranean Sea and Western Europe, although some experts suggest it is native to the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. It can be found in many temperate and tropical waters throughout the world, most likely due to unintentional shipping. This lives in crevices of rocks and cliffs just above the water line, as well as in jetties and the walls of harbors. The wharf roach reaches a...

Dancing Jewel
2014-12-08 17:35:08

The dancing jewel (Platycypha caligata) is a species of damselfly that can be found in Africa. Its range includes Angola, Ethiopia, Kenya, Namibia, Somalia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe, among other areas. It prefers to reside in savannahs, bushlands, and woodlands near streams and rivers with vegetation that creates shade. The population numbers and trends of this species are unknown and it is threatened by habitat loss due to deforestation and water pollution. No conservation...

White-masked Wisp
2014-12-08 17:17:32

The white-masked wisp (Agriocnemis falcifera) is a species of damselfly that can be found in Southern Africa in a range that includes Eastern Cape Province and Limpopo Province. It prefers to reside in vegetation that lines the edges of pools and ponds. This species reaches an average body length between .9 and 1.1 inches and males and females are very similar in appearance. Young individuals are orange-red in color, but this coloring fades as they mature. When fully matured, the orange-red...

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