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2012-03-27 23:03:46

Despite being 50-year-old technology, bag valve masks are still the standard of care in pre-hospital resuscitation. James Evans, President of AutoMedx, discusses the dangers and shortcomings of manual resuscitation using BVMs. (PRWEB) March 27, 2012 An estimated 15.7 million medical related 911 calls are made in the US annually. For calls where a patient is not breathing, EMS (Emergency Medical Services) personnel typically utilize a bag valve mask (BVM) resuscitator. BVMs have been the...

2011-09-12 13:04:01

Controlling acid-base status could lead to novel treatment strategies New research shows that febrile seizures in children may be linked to respiratory alkalosis, indicated by elevated blood pH and low carbon dioxide levels caused by hyperventilation, and independent of the underlying infection severity. Febrile seizures were not observed in susceptible children with fevers brought on by gastroenteritis, suggesting that low blood pH levels (acidosis) may have a protective effect. Full...

2010-12-21 09:41:56

Breakthrough 'CART' treatment better than traditional cognitive therapy at altering hyperventilation and panic symptoms A new treatment program teaches people who suffer from panic disorder how to reduce the terrorizing symptoms by normalizing their breathing. The method has proved better than traditional cognitive therapy at reducing both symptoms of panic and hyperventilation, according to a new study. The biological-behavioral treatment program is called Capnometry-Assisted Respiratory...

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