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2014-09-27 23:03:22

In the endoscopes and accessories market, there is a mixed level of buyer bargaining power due to changing regulations and robust demand.

2014-09-26 23:01:40

Video projectors have a buyer power score of 4.0 out of 5, reflecting positive market conditions for buyers due to high levels of competition in the video projector market, medium level of market

2014-09-25 23:13:24

Despite relatively subdued demand during the past three years, prices of well cementing services have risen significantly due to increased governmental regulation and high oil and gas prices.

2014-09-25 23:09:32

Increases in corporate profit, the number of businesses nationwide and the percentage of services conducted online have been boosting demand for equipment rentals, leading to higher prices; as

2014-09-25 23:09:28

Buyer power is strengthened by low price volatility for industrial beverage machines and low market share concentration among suppliers; however, buyer power is weakened by the high production

2014-09-25 23:05:36

Over the past five years, growth in revenue has been propelled by higher private health insurance prices and membership numbers.

2014-09-25 23:04:16

Consolidation activity will continue to change the landscape of the industry and create larger farms that are more efficient and technologically advanced.

2014-09-23 23:13:59

Despite increased demand, network router prices have decreased slightly due to declining input prices.

2014-09-23 23:10:30

Gas detectors have a buyer power score of 3.7 out of 5, indicating moderate buyer negotiation poweras a result of moderate market concentration, which gives them the choice of many suppliers,

2014-09-22 23:12:44

Hosted PBX services have a buyer power score of 4.1 out of 5, reflecting highly favorable market conditions for buyers as a result of a high availability of substitutes, a high level of competition

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