Latest ICHD classification and diagnosis of migraine Stories

2010-03-26 10:30:00

In a survey of 1500 people that suffer painful migraines, researchers conclude that most sufferers have no idea when their next headaches will strike.

2010-02-18 12:25:26

Sociodemographic and comorbidity profiles of chronic migraine and episodic migraine sufferers

2010-02-17 07:20:00

Migraine is seen more frequently in women with multiple sclerosis (MS) than those without.

2010-02-11 11:05:00

Migraine sufferers are twice as likely to have heart attacks as people without migraine, according to a new study by researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University.

2009-10-28 14:52:29

Migraine with aura (temporary visual or sensory disturbances before or during a migraine headache) is associated with a twofold increased risk of stroke, finds a study published on bmj.com today.

2009-10-28 13:15:30

Doctors have found apparent links between severe migraine headaches and the risk of stroke, according to a new study.

2009-06-29 06:47:12

Middle-aged women who experienced migraine headaches with aura (sensory disturbances affecting vision, balance or speech) had a higher prevalence of cerebellar brain lesions when they were older, according to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

2009-06-24 10:55:00

Tobacco acts as a precipitating factor for headaches, specifically migraines. This is indicated in a study which shows that smokers have more migraine attacks and that smoking more than five cigarettes a day triggers this headache.

2009-06-23 16:13:18

Middle-aged women who had migraine headaches with aura (sensory disturbances, such as with vision, balance or speech) had a higher prevalence of brain lesions when they were older, compared to individuals without similar types of headaches, according to a study in the June 24 issue of JAMA.

2009-04-23 04:08:00

Experts urge sufferers to break the cycle of suffering 'Migraine Million' fundraiser honors one-in-a-million moms CHICAGO, April 23 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The mother/daughter relationship can give some women headaches -- literally.

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