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2010-07-07 13:20:00

A company spokeswoman and government official said Wednesday that Google's application for renewal of its license to operate in China is still under review. Google is awaiting word that its Internet Content Provider (ICP) license is still valid. Google China spokeswoman Marsha Wang said that its ICP license remains valid as long as the government has not expressly rejected it. "The license runs till 2012. The license needs to be checked every year," Wang told AFP. "Everything will be as...

2010-06-29 12:30:00

Google changed tack in China on Tuesday in order to address government complaints about its attempt to evade censorship, as it vied to get its business license renewed in the country. The Internet search giant said it would stop automatically redirecting mainland Chinese users to an unfiltered site in Hong Kong, which is a process it started in March in response to censorship and cyberattacks it claims derived from China. "It's clear from conversations we have had with Chinese government...

2006-02-20 20:41:15

BEIJING (Reuters) - Internet search giant Google Inc.'s controversial expansion into China now faces possible trouble with regulators after a Beijing newspaper said its new Chinese-language platform does not have a license. The Beijing News reported on Tuesday that Google.cn, the company's recently launched service that accommodates the China's censorship demands, "has not obtained the ICP (Internet content provider) license needed to operate Internet content services in China." The...

2006-02-20 20:40:00

BEIJING (AFP) - Chinese authorities are investigating US Internet giant Google for launching its local service without the proper license, state press reported. Google.cn does not have the Internet content provider (ICP) license necessary to operate in China, the Beijing News said. "Without a license, foreign capital is not allowed to engage in telecom business, including ICP operations," the paper said. The newspaper said the Ministry of Information was aware of the status of Google's...

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