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2005-10-23 15:29:08

By Pawel Soczak WARSAW (Reuters) - Conservative Lech Kaczynski won Sunday's Polish presidential run-off on a Catholic platform that promised to weed out corruption and shore up welfare in the European Union's biggest new member.

2005-10-21 07:34:44

By Wojciech Moskwa WARSAW (Reuters) - Moderate Donald Tusk and conservative rival Lech Kaczynski were running neck and neck on Friday as Poland prepared for Sunday's presidential run-off which may decide the pace of economic reforms.

2005-10-19 10:38:13

By Pawel Sobczak and Natalia Reiter WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland's new parliament failed to choose its speaker on Wednesday, exposing a rise in tensions between would-be center-right government partners ahead of Sunday's presidential election.

2005-10-09 18:04:34

By Pawel Kozlowski WARSAW (Reuters) - Poles picked two center-right candidates with roots in the Solidarity movement for a run-off presidential ballot on October 23, which may be decided by leftist voters suspicious of both contenders.

2005-10-09 17:13:24

By Pawel Sobczak and Natalia Reiter WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland's free-market enthusiast Donald Tusk won most votes in presidential elections on Sunday, putting him in the leading position for an October 23 run-off against conservative Lech Kaczynski, partial results showed.

2005-10-09 14:18:18

WARSAW (Reuters) - Polish center-right parties in talks to form a government said on Sunday they will not make final decisions on their coalition before a presidential election run-off on October 23 which pits their leaders against each other.

2005-10-03 05:03:07

WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland's conservative candidate for prime minister was quoted on Monday as saying homosexuality was "unnatural," echoing earlier statements by the leaders of his party.

2005-09-27 06:38:10

By Wojciech Moskwa WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland's victorious center-right parties prepared on Tuesday to begin talks to build a coalition government in the shadow of a presidential campaign that threatens to delay key decisions by weeks.

2005-09-26 12:10:28

By Pawel Sobczak WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland's center-right parties, celebrating a crushing victory over the ruling left, promised on Monday to start talks quickly to bridge divisions over the scope of market reforms and to form a coalition.

2005-09-26 07:09:36

By Pawel Sobczak WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland's centre-right parties, celebrating a crushing victory on Monday over the ruling left, faced tough talks on forming a coalition amid divisions over the scope of market reforms.

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