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2008-10-10 12:00:23

ACTOR and comedian Eddie Izzard is among the stars backing free cinema trips for primary and secondary pupils in west Scotland. National Schools Film Week, from November 3-7, will include a preview of Izzard's new film, Igor. Call 020 7439 4880 for details about events or see the website: www. nsfw. org Originally published by Newsquest Media Group. (c) 2008 Evening Times; Glasgow (UK). Provided by ProQuest LLC. All rights Reserved.

2008-09-28 15:00:25

When kids wander distractedly about the theater; couples nudge each other as they identify the voice actors ("ooh, that's Jay Leno"), and your 12-year-old daughter squirms about, rests her head on your shoulder, and starts cracking her knuckles during an animated movie, you know someone has taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque. Such is the case with "Igor." What went wrong? Is Pixar the only studio that can get animation right these days? Here's an anecdote: I attended the recent program...

2008-09-26 18:00:36

By ROB DEWALT I Master, we need more brains! Rob DeWalt I The New Mexican Igor, computer-animated hunchback fairy tale, rated PG, Regal Stadium 14, 424-6296, 1 chile In the dark and stormy village of Malaria, evil reigns supreme. Power and prestige in the community are earned by making a lasting impression at the annual Evil Science Fair, where inventors and their hunchbacked lackeys -- Igors, if you will -- parade their diabolical experiments before an anxious crowd. His...

2008-09-24 21:00:21

By MARGARET DORSEY In the newest MGM animated production "Igor," our story starts with Malaria, a quiet land of farmers who become a legion of mad scientists after a mysterious storm spreads and ruins the crops. Igors, as their name suggests, are the pitiful servants of these masterminds (or not-so-masterminds, as the case may be) and are almost a race of their own, with humps on their backs and uneven, large-eyed faces. The Igor (John Cusack) our story follows, however, wants to be...

2008-08-28 15:00:47

Exodus Film Group, Malaria.com, and the Against Malaria Foundation today announced their partnership to help rid the world of the disease with the help of Igor, the title character in Exodus' upcoming animated feature "Igor" opening nationwide on September 19 distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. In the movie, Igor lives in the fictional land of Malaria and ends up unwittingly eradicating evil from his world and changing his life. Expanding on this concept, the partnership utilizes the...

2008-07-19 15:00:00

By Amanda Keim, The Tribune, Mesa, Ariz. Jul. 19--KIDS OF ALL AGES -- and some just connecting with their inner child -- splashed through the mud Friday at Scottsdale's 33rd annual Mighty Mud Mania. Obstacle courses, mud pits and makeshift water slides were all packed at this year's event, which attracted more than 10,000, according to early estimates. Sixteen-year-old friends Katie Robinson of Mesa and Jenna Chittenden of Tempe raced on the obstacle course early in the day. It was...

2008-07-14 06:00:00

By Alexander Parker Panic, embarrassment and shock. When Julie Brown lost her wallet shortly before she was to fly from Kansas City to Columbus, Ohio, she didn't know what to do. While passing through Lawrence on her way to Kansas City from Topeka, Brown misplaced her wallet at a gasoline station as she was filling up. Despite a frantic search and filing a report with the Lawrence Police Department, the Columbus resident went to Kansas City International Airport with no proof of...

2008-07-13 06:10:00

In February, Marcela DeVivo took her baby son to the Dominican Republic and paid $30,000 to have him injected with blood stem cells from aborted fetuses. Nathan, who turns 2 next month, was born with the hemispheres of his brain fused. He is physically and mentally handicapped. DeVivo is among a growing number of Americans spending up to $75,000 in the hope that clinics in developing countries have realized the dream of regenerative medicine: using stem cells to fix the so-far unfixable....

2008-07-11 15:00:00

By Euna Lhee, The Baltimore Sun Jul. 11--C uddling a stuffed St. Bernard and pink teddy bear in her hospital room, Melissa Cortesi doesn't cry, despite the metal braces, pins and needles that pierce her swollen right leg. Nurses give her valium to help the 5-year old Haitian girl sleep and forget the pain from surgery Monday at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore. There, for 11 hours, a team of orthopedic surgeons operated to fix her club foot and straighten her right leg. They hope it will...

2008-07-09 12:00:00

In mid-June, Senator John McCain [R-Ariz.] appeared in a campaign ad condemning war and recounting his own five-year ordeal as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Not much about it was new, so voters who watched the video on YouTube (GOOG) might have missed what bloggers at GamePolitics.com heard: music playing in the background from the first-person shooter video game, Medal of Honor: European Assault. Video game music might seem an odd choice for a U.S. Presidential campaign ad. But it...

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