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2008-07-09 12:00:00

The gaming industry is a $38 billion global entertainment business [and growing], and developers are spending more than ever on marketing and production.

2008-06-25 09:00:00

So what's different about "Wanted," which opens Friday, and its relationship to the very season that makes Hollywood the happiest?

2008-06-14 18:00:00

By Steven Brown, The Charlotte Observer, N.C. Jun. 14--Before the young J.S. Bach became a legendary composer and organist, he once walked 200 miles to hear a concert by a famous older musician, Dietrich Buxtehude. Three centuries later, Buxtehude doesn't demand that level of commitment.

2008-04-19 05:18:30

With the intense competition between the two contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination, pundits have mused over whether Hillary Clinton's appearance on "The Colbert Report" last night will give the former First Lady a so-called "Colbert bump," a surge in popularity which the show's host claims will accrue to any politician that appears on the show.

2008-01-29 09:20:00

A tough early life turns out to be a good thing for a fish, according to scientists at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

2008-01-06 09:00:00

For those of us who would rather jump in front of the "L" than jump on ye olde gym-and-diet bandwagon, there is another alternative to resetting the system after the holiday binge: fasting.

2006-06-20 07:25:00

Those trumpeting buying local say high food miles lead to more air and water pollution. They also contend local food is not processed to withstand long journeys and therefore retains more nutrients.

2006-04-09 00:55:00

Bookshops now have separate sections for workbooks with the exercises and video game versions are selling like hot cakes among the growing ranks of older Japanese who hope the drills will reinvigorate their gray matter.

2006-03-13 15:00:00

Veteran character actress Maureen Stapleton, an Oscar and Tony winner famed for feisty, down-to-earth stage roles in Tennessee Williams' plays and for such films as "Reds" and "Cocoon," died on Monday at age 80.

2006-01-03 08:05:00

By Tom Heneghan, Religion Editor MONTREUIL, France (Reuters) - The faithful are swaying, the walls are sweating and the choir's belting out praise to the Lord. It's Sunday morning and hundreds of black evangelicals are meeting in exuberant prayer.

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