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Disposable Biosensor Could Help Doctors Determine Which Patients Can Safely Eat Following Surgery
2014-08-12 03:39:29

A disposal, plastic listening device that attaches to the abdomen may help doctors definitively determine which post-operative patients should be fed and which should not

2008-10-01 06:00:29

Tranzyme Pharma today announced positive Phase IIb results for its first-in-class, highly potent and selective ghrelin agonist, TZP-101, for the management of postoperative ileus (POI).

2008-08-20 18:00:51

Chewing gum following colon surgery to remove all or part of the colon may enhance recovery of intestinal function, British researchers say. Sanjay Purkayastha and colleagues at St.

2008-07-24 09:01:13

Adolor Corporation (NASDAQ:ADLR) announced today that over 500 hospitals have now enrolled in the Entereg Access Support & Education (E.A.S.E.(TM)) Program. The Company estimates that these hospitals perform approximately 20% of the annual bowel resection procedures in the United States. The E.A.S.E.

2008-07-22 06:00:17

Tranzyme Pharma, a leading biopharmaceutical company developing novel mechanism-based therapeutics for the treatment of gastrointestinal (GI) and metabolic disorders, announced today that the Company has received Notices of Allowance from the U.S.

2008-06-23 06:00:06

Tranzyme Pharma announces the successful results from a "Thorough QT/QTc" study of the company's lead product TZP-101, an intravenous gastrointestinal prokinetic agent currently in two Phase IIb trials for the treatment of postoperative ileus (POI) and severe gastroparesis.

2007-07-04 18:19:31

By Hiromura, Katsuhiko Furuhashi, Madoka; Minami, Kojiro; Miyazaki, Ken; Et al Abstract Septic shock during pregnancy is very rare but has high mortality.

2006-02-20 16:05:40

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Chewing gum after intestinal surgery can help reactivate paralyzed bowels and get patients out of the hospital sooner, a study said on Monday.

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