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2008-09-23 09:00:36

BEDFORD, NS, Sept. 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Canadian coldwater shrimp join Argentine scallops as Clearwater Seafoods' second MSC certified offering. The Marine Stewardship Council has certified the Canadian northern prawn fishery as a sustainable and well-managed fishery.

2008-09-20 12:00:28

Text of report by Edwin Agola entitled "Magufuli hikes foreign trawler fees" published by Tanzanian newspaper The Guardian website on 20 September The government has increased fishing license fees for foreign vessels.

2008-07-10 06:00:26

Text of report by Namibian news agency Nampa website [Unidentified Reporter: "Ministers Committed To Stop Illegal Fishing in SADC"] WINDHOEK, 9 July: Southern African Development Community (SADC) Ministers responsible for Marine Fisheries vowed to close their ports to all illegal vessels as part of their commitment to stop illegal fishing in the region.

2008-01-05 06:00:12

By Gezelius, Stig S The article addresses three m

2007-02-27 18:50:56

The European Union's top fisheries official on Tuesday pressed for stronger protections for the overfished bluefin tuna, an increasingly rare delicacy in high-end restaurants around the world.

2006-10-03 12:55:00

President Bush called for a halt to all types of destructive fishing on the high seas Tuesday, saying the United States will work to eliminate practices such as bottom trawling that devastate fish populations and the ocean floor.

2006-07-05 18:05:00

Bluefin tuna risk being fished to extinction in the North East Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea, a conservation group warned Wednesday, appealing for an immediate ban on catches of the highly prized fish.

2006-07-04 19:05:00

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Illegal fishing has devastated Europe's stocks of the highly prized bluefin tuna and threatens the species' survival in the eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean, environmental campaign group WWF said on Wednesday.

2006-03-03 12:20:00

Pirate trawlers will be tracked by a new database as part of a planned crackdown on illegal fish catches worth $9.5 billion a year that are adding to strains on global stocks, a report said on Friday.

2006-03-03 05:02:57

PARIS (Reuters) - Pirate trawlers will be tracked by a new database as part of a planned crackdown on illegal fish catches worth $9.5 billion a year that are adding to strains on global stocks, an international report said on Friday.

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Chilean Sea Bass, Dissostichus eleginoides
2013-01-12 08:49:28

The Chilean sea bass is the North American name for the Patagonian toothfish. The Chilean sea bass name derived in 1977 from Lee Lantz, a fish wholesaler looking for a more attractive name for the American fish market. In 1994 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) accepted the Chilean sea bass as an alternative name for the Patagonian toothfish. This species is native to the southern Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans, around seamounts and continental shelves in the colder waters. The...

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