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2015-02-24 23:12:09

New types of radiation therapy technology are making it possible to treat cancer patients more efficiently, requiring fewer trips to treatment facilities, while also spurring interest in capital

2014-02-04 23:26:44

The average age of installed MRI scanners in the U.S.

2014-01-16 23:30:36

The number of CT procedures being performed in the U.S.

2013-10-02 23:31:15

Purchasing activity for cardiac catheterization labs in the U.S.

2011-06-11 00:00:29

According to IMV Medical Information Division’s recent survey of CT sites in the U.S., an estimated 81.9 million CT procedures were performed in 8,180 hospital and non-hospital sites in 2010.

2011-02-12 00:00:45

In 2010 an estimated 182.9 million procedures were performed in U.S. hospital radiology departments using fixed general x-ray equipment.