Latest Induced pluripotent stem cell Stories

Adhesive Force Differences Allows Separation Of Stem Cells To Advance Therapies
2013-04-08 11:28:26

A new separation process that depends on an easily-distinguished physical difference in adhesive forces among cells could help expand production of stem cells generated through cell reprogramming. By facilitating new research, the separation process could also lead to improvements in the reprogramming technique itself and help scientists model certain disease processes.

2013-03-20 23:03:47

In a new study published by STEM CELLS Translational Medicine, scientists report on a way to produce natural cancer-killing cells in the lab in a quantity that could one day make them viable for

2013-03-14 20:03:35

For the first time, scientists have transplanted neural cells derived from a monkey's skin into its brain and watched the cells develop into several types of mature brain cells.

Scientists Build Embryonic Stem Cells With A 3D Printer
2013-02-05 10:24:52

According to a new report in the journal Biofabrication, Scottish scientists have used cutting edge 3D printing techniques to arrange human embryonic stem cells (hESC) into novel three-dimensional spheroids.

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