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2012-02-02 07:51:11

The development of a medicine for patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus, based on autoantigen GAD65, received a setback following crucial clinical phase 3 trials that failed to show significant effects.

Insulin Nasal Spray Could Improve Alzheimer's Symptoms
2011-09-13 11:44:01

U.S. researchers said on Monday that a daily squirt of insulin through the nose could help improve memory skills in people with Alzheimer's.

2011-09-12 23:30:17

Intranasal insulin therapy appears to provide some benefit for cognitive function in patients with amnestic mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer disease.

2011-06-29 12:11:21

A chemical produced by the same cells that make insulin in the pancreas prevented and even reversed Type 1 diabetes in mice, researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital have found.

2010-11-11 13:57:13

A Finnish study confirms the hypothesis that infant feeding plays a role in the initiation of the disease process leading to type 1 diabetes in children carrying increased genetic disease risk.

2009-07-23 14:30:00

New Zealand-based biotech company Living Cell Technologies has launched an experiment that will place pig cells into eight volunteer participants.

2009-04-30 09:37:27

Scientists believe they may have found a preventative therapy for Type 1 diabetes, by making the body's killer immune cells tolerate the insulin-producing cells they would normally attack and destroy, prior to disease onset.

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